A Special Relationship Between a Girl & Her Couch

by Samantha ~ February 2nd, 2009. Filed under: the homefront.



This weekend was my last horrah before the craziness of my February schedule begins.  I spent the majority of it doing exactly what I wanted to do – which was exactly very little.  I marathon watched Law & Order SVU episodes saved to my DVR, read The Graveyard Book cover to cover (and wouldn’t mind reading it again), and re-watched the season finale of Doctor Who.  

My couch and I have a very special and very close relationship.  

In other news, my dear friend Sawyard has just launched her new blog.  Bonzai Aphrodite is the chronicles of a fabulous urban farmer, bringing you the food, the farm, the fashion, and the furthermore.  I am so excited to see this project launch, and it has already been added to my favorite blogs.  

Now that my weekend is over, it’s time to strap on my work hat.  Haute Macabre demands attention, as so the multiple shoots I have scheduled throughout the month.

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3 Responses to A Special Relationship Between a Girl & Her Couch

  1. techphilosopher

    let us know if you have any shots go up on Zivity – I might renew my membership for that

  2. Samantha

    Actually, a bunch of them are! I’ll keep everyone posted.

  3. Coyote

    Dr. Who huh? Are you a fan of the original Who or just newer show?

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