Fuck Cancer Update : Fire, Ink, & Blood

by Samantha ~ March 24th, 2009. Filed under: miscellaneous magic.


I have been contacted by a private buyer to purchase the painting directly and bypass bidding!  The painting has been sold and listing removed!

In addition to the enormous generosity displayed with everyone’s reposts and donations, renowned artist Konnik

Using the mediums of acrylic, ink, and a mix of his own blood (seriously, he calls it his “Sauce”) on 18 x 24 drafting film, Konnik has taken time out of his immensely busy schedule to paint this tribute to our friend Lou.

Based out of New York, Konnik’s work has been shown along side H.R. Giger in group showings, and has had a number of successful solo shows.  His pieces typically start between $500 and $1000, but has agreed to drastically lower his price here to make this accessible to Lou’s friends and family.

Bidding starts at $50 on Ebay

, and all proceeds will go directly to the Fuck Cancer Fund.  The winning bidder will also receive a print of the Suicide Girls!

In related news, I have received conformation that Office Depot WILL match our donation amount!  I had a lovely chat with Noel from COH’s gifts department yesterday, and he has confirmed that we are eligible!

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