Fuck Cancer

by Samantha ~ March 15th, 2009. Filed under: miscellaneous magic.



On February 13, 2009, one of my closest friends lost an ongoing battle with cancer.

Lou Genise was a multi-faceted man : a writer, fire performer, clown, poet, artist, philosopher, avid participant in the Burning Man community, and more so than anything else, a good, solid friend.  Even through the toughest times during his illness, he had a smile on his face, never letting it get the best of him.  He truly valued and cherished every moment, and lived life to the fullest, and because of that, every moment anyone was lucky enough to spend with him remains a bright, happy memory.  The world is a far dimmer place without him in it now.

Lou participated in numerous experimental treatments for cancer after being diagnosed, and thus aiding future patients to perhaps one day receive a treatment that would result in a full cured recovery.  In light of that, his friends and family have asked that donations are made in honor of his name to his primary treatment facility, The City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center.

I am hoping to raise $1,000 for this cause.  Any amount is welcome, and any contribution of  $25 or more will receive an 8×10 print of the photo of 18 Suicide Girls above, all raising their fists and yelling FUCK CANCER, taken by none other than Cherry Vega, an extraordinary photographer and individual.  In addition, all proceeds from any regularly priced item in my Print Shop purchased from now until May 1, 2009 will be contributed to this fund.

The print features (from left to right) Friskey, Blaze, Nya, Lee , Vice, Snow
, Clio
, Bunni, JoLeigh
, Vivid, Ajilee , James, Rambo, Rigel, Evette, Radeo, Lyxzen, and Mantis.  I would like to thank each of those girls for participating in this charity, along with Sean and Mike Marshall. It means the world to me.

If instead of donating to the group fund, you would prefer to donate directly to City of Hope, we can arrange for a forward of your receipt to me and then shipment of a print.

Thank you all in advance.

Edited to Add :

I am totally overwhelmed by the enormous generosity that has been exhibited.  We are rapidly approaching our goal amount, and will hopefully soar over it.

Thank you everyone that has contributed to this cause, whether it be monetarily, with a re-post, or with sympathies!

2 Guys in Suits from eyestorm on Vimeo.

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20 Responses to Fuck Cancer

  1. Dave

    I only met him once or twice, but when I saw the news in this week’s Independent, I was seriously bummed. Thanks for hooking up the whole donation thing.

  2. techphilosopher

    fuck cancer indeed

    you have my support and you’ll get my cash shortly

  3. Samantha

    Thank you everyone for your donations so far! We are rapidly approaching our $1,000 goal!

    Keep them coming!

  4. AJT

    I second the fuck cancer sentiment.

    A good friend of mine from where I used to live had cancer a few months back. He had treatment and all was well again… for a while. Very recently, the cancer has come back… with a fucking vengeance, it sounds. He is now headfucked on morphine and everything. And he’s younger than me! I believe he is 23 now (might be wrong — too tired to work it out).

    It’s a really arse-backwards world we live in. I never heard of a genocidal maniac dying of or suffering through cancer. It always seems to be people who it really shouldn’t happen to.

    I’ll definitely re-post this post (or part of) on my WP blog @ http://maynardbarrett.wordpress.com when I get back tomorrow (basically, add about 18 hours to this post time). Too tired to arse about with a blog right now… It’ll come out jibberish if I tried (like this comment probably is!).

    Much respect,
    AJT (AKA Maynard Barrett)

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  6. arthur

    Having battled cancer several times over the last ten years, nothing is more personally important to me. I deeply regret your loss, and have already donated via paypal this am. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

    Together, we can fight this… and maybe more will not have to suffer his fate.


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  12. Sapphirechan87

    I am in concurrence with the Fuck Cancer statements. My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor. I almost never got to see her again, it’s terrible to think about.

    My friend’s dad just passed after decades of fighting- he was just as strong-willed, always smiling and joking, even in his last hours at the same hospital I was in at the same time I was recovering from delivering my child. My friend came and visited me and my husband, but it was hard to see the sadness in her eyes, knowing she would leave my room and go to the other side of the hospital to her dying father.

    I will be donating as soon as my hubby gets paid, there’s fewer causes out there that can hit home to so many ppl. Almost everyone knows someone who has suffered through the hell that is cancer.

  13. Tonio Q

    I had a left nephrectomy in 2004, type 3. I thank my doc, Seyeed for gettin me in the O R before it was 2 late. My Ma battled Cancer 9 times and so far, still cancer free. My Sis lost her womb to cancer. I wrote a song called Terminal for my mom, when she was 1st diagnost, I am so happy I never got 2 play it for her. For she still lives today.

    Thank You for reading this

    PS: Sadly, I played my song for my Aunt and Uncle.

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  15. Evan T

    I stumbled upon this post this morning. Lou was one of my best friends, and I miss him more than words can say. This is great. Thank you.

  16. blue

    Would it be possible to still get a copy of this print though the deadline has passed?

  17. Samantha

    Sorry, I don’t have any left!

  18. Cpt. Obvious

    Fuck Cancer! and yet, he’s smoking.

    What a dipshit.

  19. colin

    Can you atleast upload a digital copy to the SG site?

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