Tomato Threats

by Samantha ~ March 31st, 2009. Filed under: the homefront.

img_3518This is exciting enough for me to blog about.

After nearly 9 months, the tomato plants are FINALLY growing tomatoes.  There has been much late night cursing at the tomato informercials we keep seeing in our usually quiet and calm home.  Bees have been blamed, and artificial pollination methods have been theorized.  We were actually going to pull them up and start from scratch again later this week, so I think these little fuckers started fearing for their lives.

We are the tomato masters, and it seems our threats have paid off.

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1 Response to Tomato Threats

  1. AJT

    [thumbs up].

    Way to go, Felicity Kendal. 8-)

    In retrospect, I realise that reference is probably totally lost on you. If so, google “Felicity Kendal The Good Life”.


    I wish we could grow anything (herbs, vegetables, etc) without our dog inevitably eating it or digging it up.

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