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Flyboys dvdrip

Weird Al Yankovic Craigslist

The Brothers Solomon buy

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Heart and Souls divx

Funny People ipod

Oddly enough, I shot something that wasn’t a naked girl!

Meet Joe Black move Labyrinth dvd

Rock Star movie

Peter Pan divx Weird Al’s new album single, “Craigslist”,  comes out tomorrow, and it was a family effort.  Liam directed the music video, and I shot the stills for the cover and (possible) promo art.  I’d like to mention that Al is one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  Not only is he insanely smart and talented, but such an overall pleasant person to be around.

The Howling buy

It was very strange shooting someone that wasn’t taking their clothing off.  I did slip at at point when he asked how he should pose and “Just arch your back and stick out your butt” did slip out (seriously, it’s like an automatic response at this point), but thankfully he laughed – and did it, just for a second.

The video was supposed to also come out tomorrow, but by a huge demand from fans, Al released it a day early.

Miracle on 34th Street move

Bread and Roses trailer

White Squall hd

Bob Funk film

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A Wrinkle in Time move

The Three Lives of Thomasina divx Anastasia

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5 Responses to Craigslist

  1. Dave

    Oh, man–that is so feakin’ cool! Way to go!

  2. ludovicah/Ludovicaa/Louise

    Great work there for Al, Sam (though we really would have liked those “butt sticking out” shots as well!. He is a really fantastic person as you say and its so nice to “sort of know” pretty nearly everyone involved (You and Liam through Twitter, and Al and the band of course I have met before) Its a really great video, please extend my congratulations to Liam on a job well done and also my wishes for his rapid healing after his dental surgery
    All the best Sam!

    Much love and best wishes


    (Ludovicah aka Ludovicaa -new account.. old ones not showing up on searches)

  3. Turbulence


  4. Eric

    It us really cool that you have branched out your photographic talent and you got to work with Lism also. Yes, I can see Al just kinda going with your “slip”. Great job to both if you!

  5. bairdduvessa

    congrats to the both of you!

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