by Samantha ~ July 13th, 2009. Filed under: vanity.

Fractal Suicide Girls Lovespell

Body of Lies film

Abbott and Costello in Who Done It? the movie

Guess who has a new set on Suicide Girls

666: The Beast video

Dead Man on Campus the movie today?  Shot by the ever talented and lovely Cherry Vega

Frame of Mind hd


And with that, I leave you all for the next two weeks while I have adventures in Costa Rica with Nixon.  She and I will also be at Comic Con in San Diego at the Suicide Girls booth Saturday, July 25 & Sunday, July 26, should you be at the convention.

Goths in Hot Weather Tour ’09, GO!

Boogie Nights video

Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses movies

Colour Me Kubrick: A True…ish Story full movie

Razors Ring buy

download Wheres the Party Yaar? dvd Georgia Rule download

Catwoman rip

Midnight Bayou film Men in Black II video

Red Rock West full movie

The Hound of the Baskervilles download

Dances with Wolves full

Push release

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5 Responses to Lovespell

  1. Discipline

    The new set is amazing. One of your best.

  2. Clint Catalyst


    You look GORGEOUS! (& bless your heart for tagging this post “vanity…”)

    Insofar as Goths in Hot Weather? Didn’t watch the clip you posted, though discovered the site a while back and enjoyed a chuckle from the shadows, ngl.

    Enjoy Ye Olde Vacay, and see if you can convince Nixon to stay in SoCal till the 30th! I saw more of Mr. Gold’s creations last evening, and pinky finger prick promise–


    Quite a tongue-twister, that…

    Let alone a reminder that caffeine is needed in my bloodstream, *now.* (And how!)

    Much adoration, and
    Wield That Parasol, My Pretty!

    x o x o x

  3. Samantha

    Aw, shucks, thanks guys!

  4. Charley

    I love it. I also love all the MR sets you have up at the mo, especially the one of Q I just love her face.

    Have a lovely goth-oliday.

  5. Eric

    It just might be your best set. It made me think of some things you discussed in your Q&A entry.
    Cherry is pretty awesome, yes?
    Enjoy Costa Rica.

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