Elbow Deep in Negatives

by Samantha ~ August 28th, 2009. Filed under: vision.

this is it
I Hate Valentine’s Day psp


I’ve spent the last two days scanning and sorting film from the last two months.  It’s like tapping into memories that were hiding just beneath the surface, tiny little moments that seemed totally unimportant at their conception, but bring a nostalgic smile on their reappearance.

I really like long, quiet drives and uncropped edges.

not sure if i was coming or going

I’m not entirely sure if I was coming or going in either of those, but that’s just semantics.

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1 Response to Elbow Deep in Negatives

  1. JonJon

    Well, whatever you do, don’t let your ex drive your car into a ditch at 65mph. Lovely photos as always. Can i get a waka waka up in here?!?

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