It’s Me!

by Samantha ~ August 18th, 2009. Filed under: vanity.


me & liam

We Own the Night full Dance of the Vampires divx

Steve Agee Chicken Run movie

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Winter of Frozen Dreams download

took these of me yesterday on the set of the Sarah Silverman Program.  I was an extra in an episode, and wardrobe added a vest that I think may have been a skinned Muppet over the outfit that I arrived in.  Thankfully, I didn’t wind up in the chicken suit that some poor guy was handed, so it could have been much, much worse.  Not sure when the episode is airing, or if I’ll even wind up in any of the shots, but it was a fun day.  I got to hang out with my friend Kate Gremlins 2: The New Batch full

Tarzan and the Lost City on dvd
Amistad trailer

Freedomland release

Winter of Frozen Dreams divx

Dough Boys the movie
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ipod Daredevil video

Dough Boys psp

Days of Thunder download

A Good Night to Die movie Noelle dvd that I don’t get to see very often, and we waited patiently for our unwritten nap time scene on an air conditioned set that never came.

TV production is a funny thing.  I’ve done a few spots now, and it’s a strange beast.  I’ve always been on set as talent, and the majority of the time that you’re there, you’re sitting and waiting.  There’s always a scurry of frantic action going on around you, important decisions being made and walkie talkies going off, but 3/4s of the day you are waiting.  You wait for a very long time.  Long enough that finally you think that you can wander off for a bit and get lost on the lot looking for the bathroom or stand around smoking cigarettes, or mill over to the craft services table to eat junk food, but NO.  Once you think you can do these things, you are required to be in action.  And they actually yell ACTION at you!  It is startling.

Cover buy

Off to NYC tomorrow, and excited that Virgin America has wifi on board.  I’m going to post pointless updates to Twitter from 30,000 feet JUST CAUSE I FUCKING CAN.

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2 Responses to It’s Me!

  1. andres herrera

    Que linda eres.. Me encantas

  2. Eric

    Then I guess we can expect tweets about turbulence, crying babies, stinky passengers and what clouds look like dragons and whatnot. :P
    Congratulations on being on the program, though that may be pointless if they leave you on the cutting room floor…. (they wouldn’t DARE!) And it’s a universal truth that as soon as you think you can wander off and do something to while away the time, you’re Needed Right Now.
    Did you meet Sarah?
    Have a good time in New York.

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