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Notes on a Scandal

I’ve been spending far too much time worrying that a flying mobula is going to appear out of nowhere and land on me. ┬áIt’s at the top of the “Things I Do Not Want To Fall On My Head” list.

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This paranoia is not rooted in any sort of reality, considering they don’t live in the Valley, but most phobias are irrational.

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5 Responses to Paranoia

  1. Eric

    We all have our irrational phobias, ’tis true… but you probably have a greater chance of being bonked on the head by a meteorite than having a mobula – or any kind of ray – land on you. What put thoughts of mobulas in your mind, anyway?
    For me it’s bloodsucking insects – unfortunately there are lots of those around here – and squid. *shudder*

  2. Sam. No, the other one.

    Total fear * probability of occuring = net fear

  3. tc

    This is why I always went swimming at Fire Island with my 45acp. I’m pretty sure this fellow will not land on your head – it will swallow your head, and then stab you repeatedly with its stinger tail. And it always swims in the company of sharks and pirhanna. And cannibal pygmies. And killer spider monkies. I need more napalm now.

  4. Tiger

    Your fear strikes me as justifiied. I too do not want large marine animals hiting me in the head.

  5. Timo

    Story line from today’s Detroit Free Press: “Aggressive, Huge and Invasive Flying Carp Sneak Closer to Lake Michigan”. The article states that “If startled, they leap many feet into the air. Some have injured anglers and people using personal watercraft”, presumably by falling on them.

    So even here in the midwest we’re endangered by fish hurtling from the sky.

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