Hail to the Thief

by Samantha ~ November 22nd, 2009. Filed under: vision.
  • Chloe and I are planning a trip to Dead Horse Bay. I was once taken there on a field trip in elementary school, although its educational purposes have escaped me.  Our plan was birthed over far too many beers, far too early in the day, in a bar somewhere in the West Village that was playing horse races on the television.
  • Beirut’s The Flying Club Cup has been on repeat on my iTunes for days.  It is only substituted by Patti Smith, both of which have taken me much too long to become acquainted with.
  • The subject line of this has absolutely nothing to do with anything, it just happened to be the first phrase I saw when I glanced up from my monitor.


  • Journeys are upon me : Oklahoma, Los Angeles, Portland : I may have been fibbing when I said I was hanging my travel hat.  One day, I would like to have an adventure to the Creation Museum, but Kentucky is not currently on my itinerary.  Obviously, my passport is not required for domestic travel, but boarding passes no longer exist.


  • My reading stack is currently completely out of hand.  It does pale in comparison, but I still forbid myself from purchasing any new books in the foreseeable future.  [I have already broken my rule since drafting this].  That is only one of many stacks and stocked cases in the house, and I doubt I’ll ever even make a dent in it.
  • The concept of “weather” is slowly becoming a reality that I am reluctantly accepting.  The only weather I am accustomed to is “hot” and “hot and apocalyptic”, so the actual changes that occur on a daily basis here are throwing me off balance.  It actually rains water here, as opposed to snowing ash.  This is not without its upsides, though.  It has given me free reign to completely update my wardrobe, which I am always happy to do.

44 Digs-2

  • I spent quality time at a local cafe with 44 Digs, where I instructed them to ignore me while I took oddly cropped photos of them.
  • 44 Digs-10

    44 Digs-3

    44 Digs-11

    44 Digs-14

    They were excited about it, as you can see.

    44 Digs-15

    • I discovered shooting at sunset is difficult, but somehow, with my magics, I made it work.  Misty was visiting New York from Belgium early last month, and had a beautiful view of the Williamsburg bridge from her friend’s apartment.  Naturally, a set was demanding to be shot there, so we obliged.

    Misty Stories From the City Suicide Girls

    Misty Stories From the City Suicide Girls

    Misty Stories From the City Suicide Girls

    [Misty : Stories From the City is currently in Member Review on Suicide Girls]

  • My next updates might be brought to you from the heartland, where I shall be roaming around the plains with plastic cameras in search of Americana.  God speed, young soldiers.

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  1. nelson

    Enjoy the heartland… although I think only Oklahoma qualifies. I am so dissappointed that your opening at the MOD is on the 5th, I can’t make it. Better for you though, who really wants to meet their fans. I will be sure to check it out though. Be safe and well through the holidays.

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