Winter to Warm

by Samantha ~ February 15th, 2010. Filed under: miscellaneous magic.

There was a blizzard a last week.  That was mid-morning, day of.  It kept going and going and going, and now the city is a mess of filthy piles of cold, wet snow.

These are things I am looking forward to doing in warmer weather :

  • WALK.  I miss walking, mostly because I’ve barely left the house all winter.
  • Eat red Italian ices from pizzerias.
  • Sit outside a cafe and read a book.
  • Wear dresses and short sleeved shirts.
  • Reorganize / redecorate / restructure our apartment.  Yes, this should be a winter hibernation activity, but the cold is not terribly motivating or inspirational.
  • Juice fast and, possibly, a Master Cleanse.  For now, I stick with carbs & fats, because I need layers of it to keep warm.
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3 Responses to Winter to Warm

  1. Eric

    Most of the East Coast looks like that, unfortunately. More snow is falling here now, but we’re not supposed to get much accumulation – you might get more. Italian ices and reading outside and wearing short sleeve shirts all sound pretty good right now. (I don’t wear dresses.)
    Stay warm, Sam.

  2. nelson

    I was in shorts all weekend in LA, and played outdoor soccer in the sun on Saturday. However, a friend in town from Hawaii did make a big production about how cold it got after the sunset on my back patio. I guess it’s always nicer somewhere. Hope spring rushes its way east to you (or that you come to your senses, and move back to Earthquake Land).


    i am SO done with winter, the snow is nothing but bleak white death to me. but the days ARE getting longer allready! thats one good sign!
    there is ONE thing i love about the snow, when the temps start to climb a bit, the warm air and the snow sometimes will create a eerie FOG EFFECT, i love it.
    hang in there, sam. spring is coming…..

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