To Whom it May Concern

by Samantha ~ August 12th, 2010. Filed under: miscellaneous magic.

Dear B&J,

I understand the meaning of the words “Limited Batch” printed on pints of Key Lime Pie ice cream, but refuse to believe them.  In fear that you shall soon deny me of my new meaning of life, I’m tempted to buy out the stock of this magic fatty euphoric treat.

I pray to you, Patron Saints of Shame Eating, to keep all freezers I frequent full of this delicious frozen limey desert.

All of my Fats Belong to You,


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6 Responses to To Whom it May Concern

  1. Eric ' Kissoon' (France)

    It’s typically the kind of stuff that makes me smile :)

    A curious sense of humor, one of the reasons I love this blog.

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  3. Samantha

    I just went to the market AND THERE ISN’T ANY LEFT!

  4. David

    Lame! You should find out when they get their next supply and steal them out.

  5. Meow

    That is the best damn B&J flavor ever. I flip out whenever I can find it and stockpile.

  6. dave piper

    dont forget the fudge topping

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