Empire State of Mind

by Samantha ~ September 29th, 2010. Filed under: adventures.

Alone in New York from Giuseppe Vetrano on Vimeo.

Last night was the one year anniversary of living back in New York.  I’m not the biggest fan of this city – I hate the crowds, the noise, and the filth – but I’m promising myself to give it a better chance.

Any suggestions on spots that I should not be missing out on?

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11 Responses to Empire State of Mind

  1. Chris Collins

    I have a love/hate relationship with NY. And I was born here.

    I live in NJ, as unpopular as that might be, because I need to leave the city every night. Everything just gets to me. I need quiet around me. and then I can come in and attack the city every day.

    Relocating to brooklyn or queens at some point wouldn’t be a terrible idea for you. it’s way quieter. or even uptown.

    until then my advice is to just stay away from the douchebag bars, which more and more is becoming every bar in manhattan, unfortunately.

    hang in there, though. as awful as NY can be it can also be absolutely amazing.

  2. Kenneth Arthur Sanders

    255-257 Pearl St New York, NY

    It won’t look like much of a place to see, but its prolly the most landmark of spots to be on the world map

  3. TC

    Odd, but I’m not certain that I, not knowing you at all, can mentally place you anywhere other than NYC. And I have no reasonable explanation as to why.

    Don’t miss on any of the little hole-in-the-wall food and drink places. It’s been too long for me to be certain that any I know are still there.

  4. Visigoth

    Have you been to the Cloisters? Medieval Museum. Pretty groovy and off the beaten path.

  5. Zoetica Ebb

    When I went to NYC last time, I asked the internet for a list of things to do there. I think the comments here will help you, sistah.

  6. Killy



  7. Joel

    Whenever I go to New York, I try to take my friends who live there to two places that I never tire of, and even the most jaded New Yawkers find them refreshing; the Subway Museum:

    and the Panorama in the Queens Museum, a huge model of the city built for the World’s Fair:

  8. dave piper

    Royal Oak MI. is kind of like a mini NY without the oversized buildings & crowds……Downtown Holly MI is great, rich in antiques, history, & HAUNTINGS!

  9. ~Tony

    I went to law school in NYC (mid-90s) and loved hangin’ out at Le Cafe Figaro on Bleecker (at McDougal, I believe). I understand it has since closed [http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/08/22/the-lost-village-mystique-of-le-figaro-cafe/]. Pity. Still, just browsing around and in the shops on Bleecker or any of the streets running between it and West 3rd (where I lived), like McDougal, or Thompson, or Sullivan was cool as Hell. Diverse sights, sounds and aromas … that’s what urban living (and urban hiking) was all about for me.

    I hope you enjoy!!!

  10. ~Tony

    Oh, I forgot … Is the Mondo Cane still there on Thompson? If so, check it out. That was my favorite night haunt. Ron Sunshine & the Smoking Section were a regular treat. 3rd set was always best … after most of the “Bridge & Tunnel” people puked and went home. … No offense.

  11. ~Knotty Puppet

    Thank you so much for turning me to Giuseppe Vetrano. I love the Walk In Milan Vimeo.

    Much Respect,
    Knotty P.

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