Week in Photos : Instacheat

by Samantha ~ December 15th, 2011. Filed under: adventures.

It feels a little bit like cheating to use Instagram photos for an update, but I haven’t dusted off my proper camera in an embarrassingly long time.

 I think I’m still full from last night’s massive dinner at The Breslin.  We polished off scrumpets, beef pies, pear & gorgonzola salads, and then demolished a rib eye steak that took up most of the space on the cutting board.  All this, along with wine parings for each dish, made me very glad I decided not to wear a belt.

And for the puzzled looks, in the last year that I haven’t been blogging, I’ve (obviously) started eating meat.  It’s delicious.

After a few pints at our favorite bar, we had to try the fancy Cuban cigar a friend gave to me.  I wound up not having any, but The Mister enjoyed it.  It made us feel pretty nifty.

Other Bits of Awesome !! (yup, totally stealing this from Chloe‘s Honorable Mentions)

  • Triple Grande Soy Lattes
  • Chicken (always)
  • Miscellaneous items I find while cleaning out our apartment
  • Weird old sinks in below street level bars on the Lower East Side
  • Ryan buying me a roll of Impossible Project B/W Polaroid film
  • Winter being postponed by unnaturally warm weather
  • Answering questions honestly
  • Putting in my notice at work
  • New ridiculous slippers from my mom
  • Being very excited to move to New Orleans next month
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3 Responses to Week in Photos : Instacheat

  1. Eric

    New Orleans, eh? That does sound exciting. :) Nice to see you posting here again, I’m not on Twitter much, and you’re not on SG much. lol
    Does Chicken usually relax on her back like that? I thought that was a dog thing. :D
    Hmm, is that a Deathly Hallows tattoo I see on his arm?

  2. dave piper

    CHICKEN! watta cutie!…. is that JAVAAAAAAAAA! in your tattooed hand? coffee is life.

  3. bairdduvessa

    welcome back

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