What I Wore :: Failure Edition

by Samantha ~ January 16th, 2012. Filed under: thread bared, vanity.

I’ve always been a big fan of style and What I Wore posts on blogs.  I have only ever tried doing it myself once, and didn’t even take my own photo.  Now that I’ve resurrected FiveTwentyThree, it’s something that I am determined to master.

I haven’t quite gotten there yet.

My first effort has resulted in a number of unflattering shots taken in the mirror of a poorly lit (and poorly cleaned) room.

The Outfit!

I was headed out to have dinner with my mom, and then later meet up with some friends for drinks.  As it’s January in New York City, it was well below freezing, so I layered up*.

  • Skinny Jeans from American Eagle Outfitters – the only brand I’ve ever found to fit my short legs, wide hips, and small waist properly!
  • Camisole from American Apparel – not visible in the photo, but layers layers layers.
  • Slouchy white Tee from H&M – here’s a clearer picture of it.
  • Wishbone silver necklace from Marc Jacobs
  •  Knit draped cardigan from All Saints – I bought this one a few years ago, but the Cerulean is similar!
  • Suede buckle boots from All Saints – Winter 2010

*Knee length puffy black parka, enormous knit scarf, gloves, and other obligatory insulated accessories not pictured.

I promise, that over the next few weeks, I’m going to make a valiant effort to master this type of photography.  Until then, bear with me, friends!  I will continue to scrutinize Zo’s Style Dispatch and Sawyard’s What I Wednesdays (my two favorite style columns) to pick up some tips!

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4 Responses to What I Wore :: Failure Edition

  1. Inkblot

    I honestly love the self-shot aspect. Not only does it show creativity, but… a little peak into your life ina few months, you can look back and see how you looked, what you’re place looked like…. Plus the rough, slightly blurred images lend to them not being a posed situation. Just you and your camera :)

  2. dave piper


  3. sajb

    GREAT PICS!!!!!!!

  4. Eric

    You look great, Sam. I’ve no doubt you’ll get better at this kind of photo, but you did fine here.

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