Photo Roundup 003

by Samantha ~ April 28th, 2012. Filed under: photo roundup.

It’s a super long photo roundup! I tried to keep it brief, but it’s just been too long and I had too many things! From here on, I’m going to start doing a weekly (or bi-weekly, at the worst) Photo Roundup, even if not much is going on. I’ve noticed that whenever I’m blogging here, I feel more creative and want to have more projects going on, so sticking to a schedule might motivate me even more.

I’ve been into jewelry lately. Way into it. I’ve been spending a lot of time browsing Etsy (add me to your circles!), and finding some really awesome shops around town. My recent acquisitions include an etched ring from Adelina Mictlan, a vintage scarab cuff that I found at The Revival Outpost, two versions of the bone necklace I’m wearing above, and a death’s head moth brass cuff by Unique Art Pendants. I had the moth cuff bookmarked on Etsy for weeks, and found it in a shop I walk past all the time and finally stopped into! They also have a Ouija bracelet that I might have to get to match my planchette ring.

Sawa was in town for the weekend, and we got to run around the French Quarter taking Instax photos all day. The last time I saw her was over two years ago at Haute Macabre’s Induced Epidemics show in LA, and I missed that lady! In between drinks, we had an impromptu shoot in the Carousel Bar with a Ventian mask, visited voodoo shops, and ate a delicious dinner at Cochon – fried alligator, rabbit dumplings, and way, way too much wine.

If you’re in LA this weekend, you should go check out Board Culture, the show she’s curating at LA Compound, opening this April 28!

Sawa & I tipped these guys in a bottle of Jameson’s, and they totally deserved it.

Yup, this city is still amazing!

Ryan and I actually had a few days off together this month, and they were lazy and lovely. Not usually having free time together makes us really appreciate when we do. This week we had brunch and a Law & Order SVU marathon on our day, and it was a perfectly relaxing Monday.

Honorable Mentions!

Ancient Aliens Season 2 on Netflix!!! :: Ryan’s “In The Glass” event at Bellocq getting some attention! :: Finally getting my bangs cut :: Pho dates with Sharon :: Discovering that iced coffee isn’t as gross as I always thought :: Getting a jasmine plant for our front porch :: Nixon sending me care packages :: Riding my bike to and from work! Even though I gripe about it, I actually secretly really like doing it :: Loving the job I started last month & everyone I’m working with :: Still being so happy that we moved from NYC!!

How’s your past few weeks been, comrades??


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8 Responses to Photo Roundup 003

  1. James Lark

    Your photos are inspiring.Please post more New Orleans sights for the mere mortals who will never get a chance to visit this wonderful place,???????.

  2. James Lark

    ??????? means “SPASIBO”

  3. Michelle P.

    Good morning amazing lady!! Isn’t it just wild that the more one blogs, the more photos one takes for their blog- yet never actually has time to post them??? I’ve been snapping away with two cameras lately and the amount of photos I have stock piled… I think I could blog about twice a day for two months straight and still not run out of photos :)

    Have a lovely day!!!!

  4. Samantha

    James :: I will do my best!
    Michelle :: It totally is! I have such a back log that by the time I get to posting them, things feel like ancient history!

  5. Shauna

    That jewelry is amazing! Can I just raid your closet?

  6. Isabelle

    I really love ur photograhy and u are so photogenic. please post more pictures of yourself, you seem to have a great style and u are very beautiful.

    I also really loved the pictures of ur new home u posted. Especially the pictures of ur book collection and the wood floor

  7. Barny

    loving the jewellery and instax. jewellry is such an investment, worth picking up interesting pieces when I have the chance.

    I find blogging helps organise my thoughts too, and focus more on projects


  8. ruby

    Sam– You have a great eye, these photos are lovely and so interesting. I just recently stumbled on your blog via HM. How long have you been New Orleans? That is such a romantic, beautiful city! We visited last fall and are planning on moving to NY from Houston. Eventually I plan on coming back south— to New Orleans.

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