Week in Photos :: 05.19.12

by Samantha ~ May 19th, 2012. Filed under: photo roundup.

Right now, I’ve got PJ Harvey playing, and I’m thinking that as soon as I finish this up, I’m going to finish reading Neverwhere, and then get in bed and have a Law & Order SVU marathon. Exciting Saturday nights for this lady!!

From left to right / top to bottom::
1. Lunch at Company Burger – yup, totally failed at Paleo (again).
2. Stop the Elephants!
3. Empty movie theater, at least for a bit. Can we all agree that The Avengers was the greatest movie ever?!
4. Trips across the river for delicious pho!
5. From mousey, faded, brassy brown to …..
6. Red Red Red! Redder is totally better.
7. She just never stops being ridiculously adorable.
8. Seriously. She just can’t turn it off.
9. Loving my new porcupine quill earrings from Bones and Things.
10. Scoring picnic blanket shoes for $30 at the discount mart!

Honorable Mentions ::

  • Ryan & I getting a brand new car – a 2012 Honda CR-V!!!
  • Stocking up in the bath aisle at Whole Foods with Dead Sea bath salts and Sea Algae scrub & deep cleaning masks.
  • Totally feeling like a grown up at the car dealership, and then realizing I had coffee stains down my entire shirt.
  • Being momentarily star struck at a coworker after finding out she used to be the bass player in Nashville Pussy & trying to play it cool.
  • Did I mention we got a car???
  • Planning a road trip for my upcoming birthday!
  • Not feeling like I look absolutely ridiculous in shorts & dresses for the first time ever.
  • Re-reading all of my favorite books.
  • Ryan not only getting an acknowledgement, but a full page drink recipe in April Bloomfield’s new cookbook!
  • Sleep shopping on my iPhone. I woke up to magazine subscription & book shipping conformations twice this week. I get amazing bargains unconscious!

What were some of the highlights of your week?



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