Top Five :: 06.13.12

by Samantha ~ June 13th, 2012. Filed under: top five.

My Top Five Favorites this week ::

1. Dressing like it’s 1992. I’ve been uniformed in patterened sundresses, belts, and my Frye boots all summer so far.
2. Fiona Apple’s new single, “Every Single Night” has been on repeat for days. The video is super amazing, also.
3. Honest Tea Green Dragon has replaced my morning coffee. It kicks my strawberry green tea’s ass.
4. Gossip Girl, I hate myself for loving you. I put it on while I was cleaning the house the other day and got totally hooked. Blaire, why are you such a frenemy to Serena and such a bitch to Jenny?!
5. Francesca Woodman’s photography has blown me away. I read about her on Bloodmilk’s blog last week and immediately ordered this, and am completely in love.

What are you loving on this week?

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3 Responses to Top Five :: 06.13.12

  1. Alicia

    Francesa was amazing. The Gugenheim was exhibiting her work since March and I had planned to go this weekend. Just found out it ended today though :(

    Ohhhh frye boots :)

  2. Michelle P.

    I am loving on… #1 a handful of Catholic icon charms picked up at a craft sale on my necklace chain. #2 My beloved addiction to Monster Energy drinks. #3 Getting 50 pages written on my new novel out of nowhere. #4 Having three photoshoots scheduled for the week (1st of them tonight @ dusk) #5 home brewed suntea on my front porch.
    Love ot show you some of the shots tonight- got an e-mail??

  3. lynn @ the actor's diet

    can’t wait to see fiona apple live!!!

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