by Samantha ~ July 19th, 2012. Filed under: vision.

Here are some more from my first Lubitel roll. I feel more attached to these than I previously had using a Holga, and am wishing that I had access to a darkroom. I’m partial to the ghost trees and their lazy Spanish moss, but I am impressed at the precision and crispness of the lens.

These were all taken on a walk I took around my neighborhood a few weeks back, just little snapshots while I familiarized myself with my new friend.

I need to find some ladies to photograph in town, all of my muses are out west.

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5 Responses to First

  1. ~T

    Nice White-Walls on those tricycle tires. Sometimes your pics make me feel like I’ve fallen into a Twilight Zone set. And the trees are positively ghastly. I gotta see New Orleans! It’s now officially on the list.

  2. jtrrrash

    like a step back in time

  3. ~T

    To jtrrrash:

    Yes, our host has an uncanny ability to transport the viewer through a time portal with pics of present places. That’s the magic of it.


  4. DrDarkStar


  5. Sammi Sadler

    These images are beautiful.

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