by Samantha ~ July 18th, 2012. Filed under: vision.

I received my first roll back from my new Lubitel 166+. Something about this image really hit me, I’m not sure what. It’s obviously a shot still in the trial and error phases part of a new camera, caught in between light leaks and poor settings, a user still fumbling with the knobs and dials.

Despite its imperfections, I liked how moody it was, even though it was a sunny, hot summer day.

I’ll share a few more from this roll later, now this is all I have the time for.

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2 Responses to Ghostly

  1. bairdduvessa

    it is a beautiful tree

  2. Samantha

    It actually is really quite lovely. It’s known as The Tree of Life in Audubon Park, and it’s just behind the zoo. Sometimes, you can see the giraffes over the fence right near it!

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