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by Samantha ~ July 24th, 2012. Filed under: adventures, photo roundup, vision.

Suicide Girls called a few weeks ago and asked if I’d be interested in going to San Diego Comic Con. Of course, I said yes, and spent four days and way too much money at the show. I only brought film cameras with me, so I’m still waiting on some 35 & 120 rolls back from the shop!

Chloe is unimpressed.

Ales first book, Wild Children,  was released, and he signed many copies. I totally recommend it!

Her ears had Oh Chloe embroidered on the back, and she stuck googly eyes on everything at the table.

Z is proud of her mansicle!

Zoetica & I  escaped the super crazy convention floor for drinks more than once.

 The Best Day of His Life [surrounded by super heros, Legos, & the general convention madness] turned into The Worst Day Ever [taking a little tumble on the pavement] and then back to This Day Is Still Pretty Good [hamming it up with Chloe].

The last time I saw Emmett, I was pushing his stroller on Franklin Ave, and now he’s an actual Person with a haircut. This also illustrates how infrequently I’ve gotten to see his mom, one of my closest friends.

Ebb-Kot Love.

Emmett, the very Serious Sith.

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  1. James Lark

    You have wonderful friends,and if the friends are sent by fate,than you are a lucky Lady.But if the friends are an accomplishment,you are a hardworking creature.I think you are both.Please post more photos of yourself from the SDCC.

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