Green Monster

by Samantha ~ August 14th, 2012. Filed under: eats.

Every morning this summer, I’ve started the day off with making a big jar of Green Monster juice for Ryan and I. Despite its strong resemblance to algae, it’s delicious and surprisingly filling!

I shopped around for a juicer for a few weeks before decided on a Hamilton Beach Extractor. I went with it because it was relatively inexpensive, and I could stick most of the parts into the dishwasher. Doing dishes and taking out the trash are my least favorite chores. I firmly believe that taking out the trash is The Man’s Job, and dishes I just don’t care for. Anywho, the juicer is just dandy. Ryan tried doing it once and felt like it was “too aggressive”, but I think that may be what I like about it. It’s a bit on the loud side, and there’s something a bit gratifying about shoving whole chunks of things into it and liquifying them. It gets out all of my early in the day agression.

The Ingredients ::

  • half a lemon, peeled
  • chunk of ginger (i use about an inch)
  • one cucumber
  • two green apples
  • four stalks celery
  • six kale leaves
And magic presto, it’s liquid lunch!
Edited to add :: 
I’ve switched up the recipe just a bit in the past few months! Since kale hasn’t been in season, I’ve replaced it with two to three cups of spinach, added a pear, and then throw the whole mix into a blender with a whole avocado! DELICIOUS.

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2 Responses to Green Monster

  1. Eric

    It does look gross, but it must be nutritious with those ingredients. You have cucumbers on the cutting board but didn’t list them in the ingredients.
    “Too aggressive” … lmao.

  2. Samantha

    Good looking out, Eric! Added!

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