it’s all in the details

by Samantha ~ August 22nd, 2012. Filed under: the homefront.

It’s the little bits that make the whole, and the random pieces that make a home.

Unsurprisingly, there are plastic and vintage cameras all over my house. There are also glass jars in various shapes and sizes scattered throughout the kitchen, perhaps dozens of them.

Skulls from Melrose, candles from the Quarter, and guitar picks from my husband’s pockets.

Stationary and Jewels :: Ukulele and Magazines
Skull and Books :: Pedals and Gears

Cracked and peeling window panes.

Hers & his shoes.

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3 Responses to it’s all in the details

  1. James Lark

    Your home looks more like a museum and I have always admired it! It must feel so Great,to be your guest!And it looks so warm and cozy,thank you for sharing this,your photos make me feel better!

  2. Charlie

    Just a woman to got that vision as perfectionist; the details really make much difference.

  3. jtrrrash

    a fascinating place indeed!

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