Photo Roundup :: 08.28.12

by Samantha ~ August 28th, 2012. Filed under: photo roundup.

We’re home today, waiting for Isaac to hit. The hatches are battened, and it’s super dark in the house with all of our storm shutters closed up. It’s slowly rolling in (as you can see in the photo above), but hasn’t started yet. So far, it’s just a bit windy, and a little eerie seeing houses and businesses boarded up over the last day or so. Seeing how this is our first storm, I may have over-stocked a bit on supplies, so we may be eating granola bars for the rest of our natural lives.

We don’t have any plans to evacuate, although a lot of people have left town. ┬áKeep your fingers crossed that we don’t lose power (for too long, at least), and we can have a happy Hurrication from work for a few days!

*The first band of rains have begun while I was typing this.

1. Breakfast! Peanut butter and fruit on fancy bread we found at Whole Foods. Obviously, we’re off Paleo. I was feeling super lethargic and oddly achy all the time, so we reintroduced some grains & dairy, and I feel quite a bit better. Now, I just have to stop break my sudden and overwhelming Oreo habit.
2. Sloth Love Chunk! My wonk eye is at half mast, which I didn’t notice until after I posted to IG!
3. Chicken really does make napping into an art form.
4. I found that at work and it made my night.
5. Pre-wok coffee.
6. My absolute favorites.

7. Finally saw Moonrise Kingdom, and absolutely adored it.
8. Hurricane or not, we get some amazing skies.
9. Hot afternoon Hansen’s Sno-Bliz treat day!
10. My weird fake diner plates that I love.

There’s a new page here called Library, where I posted a bunch of my favorite books. I’m sure I’ll be adding more soon!

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8 Responses to Photo Roundup :: 08.28.12

  1. Michelle P.

    Hey girl… Hang in there. Honestly I been thru six cat 1 storms, one cat 3, and a cat 4 when I lived in North Carolina… Lots of rain, lots of wind, and lots of romantic candle lit time with the husband (if your “lucky” enough). As long as you have food you can heat with a portable stove, clean water to drink, and food for dear Chicken- you shall survive!

    Honestly, I spend most of my time during the storms I weathered, surfing the waves before the Outer Banks were evacuated and drinking heavily. Ahh… my younger years… They (government types) go wild with the warnings and such just to see how many they can “scare” into safety… Thoughts are with you, but like you said- this shall be a Hurrication from work! Take pictures and good luck!!!

  2. Dyl

    The problem most people have with Paleo is that they try and eat low fat. Fat is good for you. Put more in your diet! I also think that dairy is ok. Butter goes into everything!
    Some things to check out..

    this book

    The archives of Richards blog

    Marks blog

    THis is a good one


    Look into intermittent fasting. It helps immensely. This blog is good

    and this

    Look up the research of Alan Kekwick and Gaston Pawan. A diet of pure fat burned more weight than complete lack of food.

    Richard MacKarness book about fat is free online.

    If you dont want to stick to “paleo” at least cut out the bread. It actually increases your appetite and can cause leaky gut syndrome. This book is good

    Also, please don’t base your diet on what Tim Ferris says. He is a douche.

    Hope some of that is useful!

  3. Charlie

    Hope you and your husband are safe from the bottom of my heart!

    I hope the best for you and new orleans.

  4. Tiffany

    I just discovered your blog and adore it. You and your city are in my thoughts with this hurricane. I hope you, your little family and that magical city stay safe.

    Also, I’m so glad I’m not alone in my current/sudden oreo habit. I’ve never liked them before and suddenly I can’t have enough.

  5. Eric

    Good luck, Sam. The last news report said it came ashore, then backed off. WTF?!?
    Chicken is her normal self, I see. Sleeping and getting attention. :D

  6. sajb

    be careful with this hurricane:(

  7. jtrrrash

    hope you guys are alright down there. and i do need to see moonrise kingdom again, a wonderful movie.

  8. Samantha

    Hey, I just wanted to thank all of you for your well wishes during the storm! We made it through a-ok, and made a little staycation out of it!

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