Photo Roundup :: More From SDCC!

by Samantha ~ August 20th, 2012. Filed under: adventures, photo roundup.

One of the dangers of shooting on film on old cameras is that you occasionally get back the blank roll from the lab, and half of the photos that you took at SDCC were never meant to be. In light of that, here are some that did survive on the tail end of another roll.

I did have an extra pass in my bag, but I didn’t give it to them. I’m a jerk.

Chloe leaves her trail of googly eyes everywhere.

Arts in the making!

Alex gets groomed!

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3 Responses to Photo Roundup :: More From SDCC!

  1. James Lark

    Jesus Saves from Hell,(don’t know).Sam Saves from Boredom,(Confirmed).

  2. jtrrrash

    jesus is in hell now?

  3. Samantha

    jtrrrash, he keeps office there.

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