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by Samantha ~ August 13th, 2012. Filed under: stacked.

Much like May and June, I’m still Going Gaiman. I think I’m almost done, save for a few graphic novels. I’m over the top excited about his new releases coming out next year – a novel and a prequel to Sandman!

These were all re-reads for me, although I will admit, reading American Gods this time felt like I had never read it before. The first time was at least eight years ago, and I honestly didn’t remember the plot. I really loved all of these, and I hope that I’ve created a few new fans out there with these posts or encouraged some of you to pick up some dusty copies!

I’ve been using these as guides for my Tarot studies. It’s difficult to find a happy medium in these guides. A lot of them are on the hokey hippie-dippie side, and then there’s the You Must Be A Thirtieth Level Initiate Of The Order Of The Clandestine Society Of Spooky Guys that Crowley writes. I’ve been using mostly The Book of Thoth and Learning the Tarot in conjunction with one another and finding my own balance between them. Crowley changed a good portion of the cards to fit in with older meanings than the post-Christian (and now widely accepted) interpretations, so bouncing back and forth seems a bit necessary.

Lastly, I’ve been flipping through these on and off all month! I spent a small fortune on prints and art books at SDCC, and these are some of my bounty.

What’s on your reading list this month?

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7 Responses to Stacked :: July

  1. Eric

    I look forward to your “stacked” posts. :) I’ve seen references to the Book of Thoth, though I took it to be more about Egyptian mysticism in general, rather than a treatise on the Tarot. I find the arcane symbology of the Tarot more interesting than the divination/”fortune-telling” aspect of it.
    Currently reading “The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln” by Stephen L. Carter, an alternate history story in which Lincoln is impeached on trumped up charges 2 years after surviving Booth’s attack.

  2. Nico T.

    The last occult thing I read was the “Liber Falxifer”.

    As far as novels go, I’m currently reading “Creole Belle” by James Lee Burke.

  3. Mike

    Recently finished “Feed” by Mira Grant, which is a great look at life after a zombie apocalypse. Also read the Mercedes Thompson series by Patricia Briggs which I really enjoyed, despite being told I’m too old and too male to be enjoying them.

    The closet I’ve been to Gaimen is the Stardust movie. If you had to pick one, what book would you recommend as a good introduction to his stuff?

  4. Samantha

    Mike, I’d start with Neverwhere. It could be just because that was the first of his books that I ever read, but I think it gives you a good feel for him!

  5. jtrrrash

    i just got this book called “let’s pretend this never happened (a mostly true memoir) based on a recommendation from a friend who said he laughed out loud so much while reading it, it hurt. so far, it’s been insane and/or funny.

    i’ve mad a stab at reading that crowley thoth book, as well as other titles by him, and have come away empty handed. his deck sure looks the best.

  6. Samantha

    jtrrrash – that book is on my to read list! I love her blog, I keep meaning to get to the library & check it out!

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    […] Once I got used to his rearrangement, I was much more comfortable with this deck than I ever had been with the Rider Waite cards. I read The Book of Thoth with a grain of salt, because Crowley can be a bit … well, if you’ve read any Crowley, you can fill in the blank that I’m leaving. I wrote about it a tiny bit on my other blog, Five Twenty Three. […]

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