The Truth is Out There

by Samantha ~ September 3rd, 2012. Filed under: miscellaneous magic, stacked.

I’m not sure that you’re aware of this, but I’m a card carrying member of the Tin Foil Hat Squad. We don’t actually have cards, or hats made of tin foil, and we’re not really organized enough to be considered a squad, but there are lots of us. Lots of us that think that guy with curly hair from Ancient Aliens is only half crazy, lots of us that feel that Mulder was totally on to something, and lots of us that have booked vacations in the past based on UFO activity in the area (2009’s trip to Costa Rica with Nixon was partially planned with the activity above Arenal in mind).

I just finished reading UFOs : Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On Record, and it was very definitely not from the Team Spooky perspective. It was all very official, and very personal accounts from uniformed military personelle that all probably had their hair cut very short. Each account of a sighting was told by the witness, with none of the They Beamed Me Up And Did Things To My Bottom business that usually fills these publications.

Here are some things I’m not ashamed to admit :

  • I totally believe in UFOs and intelligent (and un-intelligent) life in the universe.
  • Battlestar Galatica’s finale reaffirmed to me that humans were created not by some bearded magic man that lives in the clouds, but are a product of extraterrestrial influence.
  • I’m not totally convinced that alien abduction is a thing, but if it is, then it’s probably so they can check out how we’re turning out.
  • The reason that a UFO has never landed on the White House lawn and said “Hey, we’re here” is because there’s a No Flight Zone invisible force field around the building that extends to the stratosphere.*
  • Sometime around 1993 or 1994, I made my dad take me to an X-Files convention. In 2012, if there was one in my area, I’d totally go again.
  • When I was a kid, I’d sit outside at night and stare at the sky to hope to see a UFO. I didn’t see much of anything, since it was the 1980s in Brooklyn.
*I just made that one up. I don’t necessarily believe that it is true.


[I keep going on]

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5 Responses to The Truth is Out There

  1. Moïra

    How weird it is that I’ve started watching my old X Files seasons again, a few weeks ago !!!
    I want to be a member of that Tin Foil Hat Squad too ;-))
    Have you read some books by Jean Pierre Petit, a French astrophysicist, with lots of other “spacial” degrees ??? I’M afraid he hasn’t been translated to English yet.
    Once you’ve read a book written by him, you think of the space from a different point of view ….

    And after all, after all these years have gone, TV shows got better and better, I still think Mulder was THE kind of man to marry =D !!!!


  2. Eric

    Ah, another nut like me. LOL
    I miss the X-Files too.
    Your Amazon link doesn’t work for some reason, so I checked Goodreads to see if it was the same book I marked as “to read” after you rated it. (It is.)
    I’d look at the sky to see if I could see a UFO too. But when I actually saw one, I hadn’t been looking for one. I HEARD it, looked over my shoulder and there it was.

  3. jtrrrash

    it’s time to start re-watching the x-files

  4. Francine

    I used to look through a telescope when I was a kid at basically everything in the night sky. A few times I was SO SURE I spotted a UFO. Tinfoil hats for life.

  5. sajb

    Keep watching the sky, because there are watching you:), way watching the night sky if the maybe live abut us, our planet is not yet explored all

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