Thread Bared :: The Awkward Phase

by Samantha ~ September 9th, 2012. Filed under: thread bared.

Trying to start this post is uneasy. I just want to mush these photos onto the page and say HERE, and then continue to look in any direction but directly ahead.

To preface, I bought a tripod. It’s been leaning against a corner in my kitchen for about a month now, because I am embarrassed by it. Today, I tried to be unembarrassed and take some photos while alone in the house (Ryan is away on a fancy cocktail related business trip), because I like this dress, and I keep telling myself that I’m going to start posting some Here’s An Outfit That I’m Wearing photos, and why not just go ahead and do just that.

So, I did just that, and now I feel a little bit silly about the whole thing (so I will continue to look at my feet).

Dress :: Thrifted
Belt :: Repurposed from a ModCloth dress
Necklace :: Bloodmilk
Boots :: Frye
Book :: A Moveable Feast / Hemingway


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10 Responses to Thread Bared :: The Awkward Phase

  1. David

    It’s just a tool of the trade and can open up some possibilities.

    You are very beautiful.

  2. Eric

    There’s nothing to feel silly or embarrassed about. The pics are good, and the subject is incredibly easy on the eyes.
    Looking at the background – it looks like your house is made of books and bottles. ;)

  3. Wes

    Dont know why you think thats awkward your actually rather cute with your dress and all your an amazing photographer amd your work inspires me.

  4. Britpop

    I enjoy that your writing sounds exactly like you speak. It’s like I can hear Sam’s voice when I read your posts. :)
    Dont know why you feel awkward. You look gorgeous and I wouldn’t have known the pictures were self taken (I do however love the mental image of you pressing the self timer and then running to the couch to appear as though you’re nonchalantly reading a book:))

    I hope you do more of these. Take it easy Sam.

  5. sajb

    Nice collection of alcohols and books. You are amazing.

  6. jtrrrash

    you look great. oh, and beer, booze 7 books oh my!

  7. Francine

    Great dress! And holy crap that bar looks fantastic, haha.

  8. Clint Catalyst

    You. ♥ Such a beauty . . .

  9. chloe

    way cute!

  10. Samantha


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