Thread Bared :: The Outfit Is A Lie

by Samantha ~ September 30th, 2012. Filed under: thread bared, vanity.

This outfit didn’t make it past taking these photos.

I jumped the gun a little on it being Fall. It’s Fall on paper, but not in Louisiana. It’s still hot, and leggings + high socks + boots will have to wait a few more weeks.

Aside from pre-emptive layers, in some ways I felt like I was dressing up like a previous version of myself. It was a strange way to feel, and it has stuck with me the last few days. But really, in the dozen or so sentences I’ve typed and deleted trying to articulate it, I come to say, fuck it. I wear t shirt and jeans now on a regular basis, that I wouldn’t have worn before. I get food and booze and gross shit all over myself at work, and who really cares? I’m trying to come to terms with being too old to really give a shit about what subculture I’m subscribed to, and still nostalgic enough that I want to care.

dress :: modcloth (no longer available, but here’s a simliar one)
boot socks :: target
ring / necklace :: bloodmilk
cuff :: unique art pendants
boots :: the same fryes I’ve been wearing for years

What I wound up wearing. Buffy FTW.


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10 Responses to Thread Bared :: The Outfit Is A Lie

  1. sajb

    you are beautiful :)

  2. Maria

    I went through your entire blog yesterday and I really like your style of hair/clothes/everything! (oh and your cat, can’t forget about the cat). ^^
    (you kind of inspired me to start my own photography blog, so thank you?)

  3. Mike

    I think we all get to an age where things don’t hold as much importance as they once did. While I still wear jeans and punk shirts, I no longer feel the need to lace up my boots and throw on my bomber jacket. I still feel the same, I just don’t feel the desire to subscribe to a uniform dictated by a subculture. I stick with comfy. I dig the Buffy shirt, haven’t seen that one before.

  4. Erica


  5. Eric

    I suspect that fall and winter are both relatively short in Louisiana. I did like the outfit, though. Love the Buffy shirt.

  6. Ivy Lee

    I like how you think. I guess it’s a matter of maturity, not to give a damn and not to be a slave of the style. That’s true freedom.

  7. jtrrrash

    Yeah, Buffy! I have a Sunnydale Phys Ed shirt.

  8. Ian Quinn

    I’m with you on not caring what subculture I’m subscribed to. I’ll be 35 this month and am really just too damn busy for one. Also, I’d like to think that, at this point in my life, who I am and what I like are well-defined and well-known amongst those that know me or get to know me.

    Take a look at Henry Rollins. He’s 51, a veteran of the old hardcore/punk crowd, and even 20 years ago, he was just a guy in a t-shirt and shorts. How did that define him? It didn’t. He was and is defined by what he does and what he says.

    For the record, you’re just Sam to me; maybe Fractal but not so much. You’re someone I’ve seen and admired on SG, and someone whose style is defined by the person and not the other way around. Cheers!

  9. Aayla

    I love that hair color on you. Also, I need that shirt. :)

  10. Anna

    Your house seem to be amazing. I love this decor. Really.

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