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by Samantha ~ December 23rd, 2012. Filed under: adventures, photo roundup.

Somehow, it’s been almost a month since we got home from our trip to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving. Somehow, Christmas is in two days, New Year’s is in a week, and this year went by faster than I think any other on record. As usual, I’m way behind on getting my film developed, so here are a bunch of little snaps I grabbed along the way!



Excited as ever to be on our way, even though we had two connections ahead of us, and the next flight seemed to be giving away free screaming children with every row. I don’t think we’ll ever travel the day before a big holiday ever again.
Caught a screening of True Romance at one of my all time favorite theaters, The New Beverly Cinema!
I lived in California for almost a decade, but was a vegetarian or vegan the entire time! This is only the second time I’ve ever had a proper In-N-Out burger!
Hearts. Hearts. Hearts.


Went to the Santa Monica boardwalk on the foggiest day ever. Seeing it roll in was like watching a Stephen King movie.
Obligatory over the railing Amoeba shot! We stopped in there to buy a Morrissey CD since his concert was cancelled.
Totally regretting not buying David Lynch coffee at Book Soup.
Flight number three? New Orleans -> Houston -> Phoenix -> Los Angeles



Visiting LACMA! I’ll never stop being in love with the lamposts out front.



We were so glad to catch the Stanley Kubrick exhibit while it was still up! Honestly, I haven’t seen all of his movies (Ryan definitely has), so I gravitated towards the Shining and the Clockwork Orange rooms. I’ve since put “Finally read The Shining” on my goal list for 2013!



Early morning coffee dates.
Making tough faces in the mirror, because we’re so hard.
My husband hates having his photo taken, so nearly all of them have some sort of “I’m so uncomfortable” expression.
Rocket shakes at Swingers Diner!
I sneak shots of him when he’s not looking.
You’re welcome! I love Book Soup.

Honorable Mentions!!

  • Seeing my in laws! I actually really like all of them, and don’t get to see them nearly enough.
  • Having giant fancy dinners every night. We sort of ate our way across town, and I immediately joined the gym when we got home.
  • Driving around in a convertible Mustang! Truthfully, I never put the top down, because I was cold all week.
  • Dinner at The Pikey. Ryan and the executive chef worked together in New York, so we got to see his old friend, and he never stopped feeding us. There were cheese plates, oysters (not for me, still can’t deal with seafood of any kind), steaks, British cheesy bread that has a way fancier name than “British cheesy bread”, steaks, pork shoulder, and I can’t even remember what else. I had to be rolled out in a handcart.
  • Towne Food & Drink had the best rose wine I’ve ever had. I actually called after coming home to find out what it was – 2011 Carol Shelton Rendezvous Rose. Soooo good.
  • Dinner with Rachel at The Parish. I tried bone marrow for the first time – not so into the gelatinous texture – and had my little “oops, just drank two bottles of wine by myself!” evening.
  • Dinner with Courtney and Katie at Baco Mercat. We all went to The Varnish after, but I sipped water because I was still recovering from my little imbibery (not a word, but I like it!).
  • Loving that Ryan and my friends all get along so well.
  • Lounging around the hotel room, reading in the biggest bed of all time.
  • Soaking the entire bathroom of the hotel room.┬áThere was no door on the shower and the head was one of those eco-wands that you turn off when you’re not rinsing, and sometimes you forget which way it’s pointing.
  • And, last but totally not least, getting to spend an entire week hanging out with my man.



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4 Responses to Photo Roundup :: Los Angeles!

  1. James Lark

    I used to watch True Romance pretty often when I was young,so I’ve seen it nearly 40/50 times!You mentioned that you were a vegetarian in the past,does this mean that you had some convictions about food that you don’t have now?

  2. Francine

    I feel like I’m the only person on the planet who has yet to visit those lamp posts. I’d love to see them in person. Oh well. One day!

  3. Mike

    If you read The Shining you will realize how bad the movie is in comparison.

  4. Tim

    Stanley still did a good job I think. Overall.

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