Thread Bared 004 :: Vacation Edition

by Samantha ~ December 20th, 2012. Filed under: thread bared.

While we were in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, I tried to get dressed up every day. It was a lot easier to motivate myself to put on nice clothing, since I wasn’t just running around doing errands or going to work.

Do you find that you’re always a bit fancier while your on vacation, too?


photo 1-1

Thanksgiving Day ::

This is one of those dresses that I always forget is in my closet, even though I really like it! The last time actually wore it was to a Henry Rollins spoken word show back in the spring, and it’s been mushed in between hangers ever since. It’s perfect for a giant meal though – it ties around the waist, and, yes, I definitely loosened it up a bit after eating.

Singing Telegram Dress (no longer available)
Purple Stockings
Grey Over the Knee Socks
Owl Moon Necklace
Erosion Armor Ring


photo 2-3

Dinner Date ::

The collar on this dress makes me so happy. Every time I wear it, I want to put my hair into two long braids and stone face people à la Wednesday Addams all night. This night we were headed to have dinner at The Parish, which was fantastic. I wound up drinking almost two bottles of wine before, during, and after the meal, so I’m glad I stuck with my trusty boots instead of trying to walk in heels.

Record Time Dress
Mini Planchette Oracle Ring & Sparrow Skull Necklace


photo 4-3

Hangover City ::

The morning after my two bottles of wine night was a little rough! I’m not the wild drinker I was in my youth, so now it knocks me on my ass for at least a day after a night of imbibing. Twenty-three year old me would be horrified at the white wine drinking, going to bed early & hungover for days woman she is to become! I think shortly after getting dressed and grabbing some lunch, I went back to the hotel and crashed until evening.

Vintage Dress featured in my last Thread Bared. Since then, it’s made it into my regular rotation of outfits!
Leaf it for Later Cardigan – this particular cardigan isn’t available any longer, but here’s a similar one!

photo 4-1

Lazy Coffee Run ::

I have this dress in three different colors, and wear at least one of them a week. I’ll probably replace all of them as I continue to wear them out! It’s so simple and feminine, and casually dressy. It was nice throwing this on with giant sunglasses to go run and get a coffee across the street from the hotel instead of gross jeans & a t-shirt!

Soda Fountain Dress
Betsey Johnson Sunglasses

Can you tell I’m brand loyal?


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  1. Sleeper

    That dinner date dress is hot, add your sexy hip out posture and I’d be your Joel Glicker.

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