Photo Roundup :: Mega Edition 01.13

by Samantha ~ January 15th, 2013. Filed under: photo roundup.



This is a super-mega Photo Roundup! I had a million and ten photos to post, and cut it down to only a million and three. And, that photo above there, where I’m wearing the totally awesome sunglasses I found on eBay for around $4 (because I almost spent $400 on the designer pair and then totally came to my senses)? I’m not as pissy as I might look, honest.

I had thought about doing one of those awesome Year in Review posts that are all over the place this month, but then I started drafting one up and it was sorta overwhelming. Our first year in New Orleans was pretty amazing, and I can only see it getting better. If you’re curious about my 2012, check out the archives here, or any of the older Photo Roundups!

Photos are Left to Right, Top to Bottom
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1. Twelfth Night just passed, and that means it’s officially Carnival Season! Time to stuff myself with King Cake & prepare for Mardi Gras!
2. The amazing power princess ring my friend Wendy Bird got me for our Secret Santa!
3. New BloodMilk … I really feel naked when I’m not wearing any.
4. I’m officially obsessed with Lush Bath Bombs.



Seriously, it glitters. The King Cake from Sucré is so delicious that I had one shipped to my mom in Brooklyn!




1. I can’t believe I didn’t buy that amazing purse when I saw it. I would have named him Emilio & he would have been my friend.
2. Perfect French Vanilla soy lattes at Velvet.
3. Prototypes for a fragrance from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for Haute Macabre!
4. I got so many holiday cards that I loved from friends, but Nixon’s really was by far the best (and the weirdest).




1. The super awesome backyard decor of one of my favorite local pubs.
2. Flashback! We took that photo in NYC in 2011!
3. No hoodie has ever been as amazing as Ovate’s Valhalla.
4. The Wild Unknown :: Pentacles, Swords, Wands, Cups




I’ve been making a smoothie almost every morning, having delicious saldas and juices, and keeping on track, but then, there was a praline ice cream sundae covered in salted caramel, whipped cream, and smoked bacon. Yeah … that happened. So did some burgers, pizza, beer, and some cheese plates. No guilt!




ryan wall books


1. The mister, still hating having his photo taken.
2. Our art wall is coming along! I’ll have to post some close-ups soon.
3. New Moleskins!!




I’m in love with taking super gloomy and moody photos lately.




1. New Year’s Eve fireworks, literally right outside my house! I took that shot from out my front door!
2. Taking photos of yourself in the bathroom mirror is fun.
3. Chloe sent me a gift from a snowman’s colon!
4. Smile!
5. Starting a new tradition of getting pho on Christmas morning after seeing a movie.
6. Pigtails for grownups!




Honorable Mentions :

  • Finally taking out the industrial piercing I had since I was 15 (16?) that constantly got tangled in my hair
  • Seeing Django Unchained as our Christmas Day movie, and it was the best movie I’ve seen in forever
  • Watching The Nightmare Before Christmas on Christmas Eve
  • Being told stories about 3 foot tall birds in the courtyard of a French Quarter bar (and seeing photos!)
  • Cracking open brand new Moleskin notebooks & planners for the year
  • Flickr being awesome again!
  • Texting a million times a day with Rachel
  • Mom sending me a Clarisonic Aria for Christmas, and it makes my face feel like it’s never actually been clean before now
  • Making time to read every day
  • Stealing fonts from Chloe
  • Going book shopping in our own storage unit
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10 Responses to Photo Roundup :: Mega Edition 01.13

  1. Mike

    Your life seems to benefit from a wide variety of interests and hobbies. I should leave my cave and try that for myself at some point.

  2. Francine

    That purse is wild. I think I would have named him Clarence.

  3. Samantha

    Francine, right! It was only $20 at an antique store. It was falling apart a bit, but I totally regret not getting it.

  4. jtrrrash

    love the gloomy and moody!

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  6. Arturo

    Great stuff from you, man. Ive read your stuff before and youre just too aomswee. I love what youvegot here, love what youre saying and the way you say it. You make it entertaining and you stillmanage to keep it smart. I cant wait to read more from you. This is really a great blog.


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