Photo Roundup :: Thrifting

by Samantha ~ January 26th, 2013. Filed under: adventures, photo roundup.



There’s a massive thrift store a few miles away that my friend Wendy took me to last week. It’s the biggest thrift shop I’ve ever been to, and it’s nothing like the so-called thrift shops in NYC or LA – you can actually spend next to nothing here and walk out with bags and bags of purchases. I could spend hours picking through everything here.

555IMG_5697 IMG_5691IMG_5690 IMG_5688IMG_5678IMG_5687 IMG_5682IMG_5694IMG_5680


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3 Responses to Photo Roundup :: Thrifting

  1. Sayward

    i want to go to there.

  2. Mike

    Have to love a good thrift shop. I recently scored a nice leather jacket really cheap at a place near me.

  3. sajb

    little shopping :)

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