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1. Loving Lush Twilight Bath Bombs. I could spend hours soaking in a hot bath with a book while one of these turns the water a sparkly lavender. A few weeks ago, I was so relaxed with a Twilight bomb I nodded off in the tub for over an hour, and only the water getting chilly woke me up! It may have also been all the wine, but either way, I was way super relaxed.

2. Thinking about the direction of Haute Macabre. It’s been on my mind a lot the past few weeks, and I’ve been drafting a lengthy post about where we’re going and how Nixon and I have evolved since the site first launched in 2008. Anyone that has seen any of my Thread Bared posts here can see that I’m more drawn to vintage dresses now over draped layers of monochromatic blacks, and it reflects in what I’m drawn to posting there.

If any of you are HM readers here, I’d love to hear your opinion about whether or not a site with such a specific niche can broaden its content, without contradicting its original mission statement.

3. Listening to Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures on repeat all week. I bought Ryan a copy of Peter Hook’s new book, and he made me promise I had to wait until he read it before I did. It’s taunting me from the shelf! Truthfully, I’ve got on The Velvet Underground right now, but it’s the first time in days I’ve played something else!

4. Nervous about an upcoming eye exam. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it before, but I’ve been blind as a bat since I was a kid. Without contacts I’m totally useless, and my depth perception is terrible while wearing glasses. A few months ago, while having a regular exam for some new contacts, the optometrist discovered a bubble on my retina and referred me to a specialist to take a closer look. She explained that the layers of my retina are separating, and that the specialist can determine if and when I’ll need surgery to repair it. Keep your fingers crossed for me, will you? [this is probably one of the more personal things I’ve ever shared publicly, so thanks for listening]


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9 Responses to Currently

  1. Crystal

    I love both HM and this blog… You can expand the content without alienating your core reader base. I like recognizing that your aesthetic preferences have evolved with nods to what you’ve always found pleasurable (if that makes sense).

  2. Minakitty

    If retinal surgery is anything like corneal surgery, the most frustrating part will be the recovery time. I had to keep my eyes closed for a week, then for two weeks could not read or watch anything. The pain was relatively mild, and lasted for only the first couple of days. Good luck!

  3. Samantha

    Closed eyes for a week?! That sounds like torture!!

  4. Minakitty

    Especially for a voracious reader!

    It was worth it. I went from legally blind to 20/30. :)

  5. Samantha

    Did you have the corrective laser surgery? Or was that an awesome side effect?!

  6. Minakitty

    Sadly my corneas were so distorted that I had to have old fashioned surgery. My third (and final!) corrective procedure was with a laser, and recovery time was only a few days. When the bandage was removed after the first transplant, I was instantly 20/80. One of the best things about living near an at least medium-sized city is excellent doctors. :)

  7. Kira

    I just wanted to echo the first comment left and say that I have been following Haute Macabre since its inception and found your blog because of it, but have never commented before. Since you asked, I thought it was probably time to let you know what a fan I am of the site.
    I think its only natural to expand the breadth of HM’s content as time goes on and that doesn’t mean you have to abandon all facets of your original ethos or aesthetic. I think it’s more of a lifestyle and philosophical approach anyway than being overly committed to layering black clothes, although I’m not against that either. Hope you continue it, and thanks for everything so far : )

  8. Heather

    I’ve been following Haute Macabre for years (which is how I found 523) and I love both layered blacks and greys AND vintage dresses (which I usually buy in variations of black, creme, grey or blood red). It just depends on my mood. I tend to wear the dresses to work (i work in an office) and the layered apocalypse stuff on weekends. So bring it on :) And thanks to HM for being my style bible for so long!!

  9. Samantha

    I can’t tell you guys enough how much we all appreciate your support! We’ve received more positive feedback than we were ever expecting, and are really, truly overwhelmed by the support of our readers.

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