It’s Love

by Samantha ~ February 22nd, 2013. Filed under: miscellaneous magic.

mardi gras


Amina sent me these shots she took of Ryan & I on Mardi Gras. We were hiding from the rain inside Bellocq, drinking drinks and celebrating the holiday. I have so few photographs of Ryan & I (he hates having his photo taken), and I’m so happy to add these to my small collection of them.

I had posted one of these onto my Instagram a few days ago, and got a bunch of “Congratulations!” messages. It didn’t even dawn on me that maybe wearing a giant white gown might look like I had on a wedding dress. Actually, I wore a black All Saints dress on our wedding in 2009!


mardi gras


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5 Responses to It’s Love

  1. ~Tony

    Sweet! You both look Truly Happy. Nice to see. Hope you enjoyed Mardi Gras. I gotta get down there one of these years.

  2. jtrrrash

    great shots!

  3. Barnicles

    LOVELY photos :) you look so amazing together

    Barnicles x

  4. KJ

    You look so purty!

  5. Sol

    Wow man – google somehow found me here in an absolutely unrelated search. Been like 7 years or so. I knew you when I was about as dumb as I could get so no worries if you only remember me as that dumbass that bum’d all your cigarettes at disneyland. I made a statue of you once upon a time. You look happy here with Ryan. Good good. My wife wore black on our wedding night. Halloween ’07. I made our outfits and wouldn’t change it at all. Hope life is amazing.

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