Photo Roundup :: 03.27.13

by Samantha ~ March 27th, 2013. Filed under: photo roundup.

photo 3-5


It was almost spring, and then it wasn’t. New Orleans has been unseasonably cold, and I am OVER IT. About a week or so ago, it was suddenly beautiful and warm, and the Japanese magnolias erupted into bloom all over town, filling the trees with huge pink and white blossoms. Fingers crossed we get back to that soon, eh?




As we all expected, sooner rather than later, I’ve entirely given up on the 365 project. It became so incredibly boring! How many different shots can one really take of themselves before getting sick of the sight of your own face? I honestly admire anyone that can complete that project, or even make it through a full season. I am still reading my card every morning, though, so there’s one thing I’m sticking to!

Anyone else already give up on a goal for the year?





1. New BloodMilk. Honestly, the hardest part about acquiring new pieces from her is deciding which to purchase next. Right now I’ve got my eye on the matching As Above, So Below earrings, and Persephone’s Jewel, but I can’t decide which color to go with.
2. I visited the Audobon Insectarium last week, and it was amazing!! I did not pet the Madagascar Mega Roach, and I used my five year old niece as an excuse not to. Best aunt ever?
3. My two headed little friend that Nixon made me for Valentine’s Day a few years back.
4. The After-Life pillow by Liza Corbett (next to the super Buffy book). If you’re not familiar with her art, you should totally check her out.
5. St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, somewhere near the supposed tomb of Marie Laveau. I have a roll of film (still) waiting for me to find somewhere to process it from a visit to her grave early last fall.
6. Drive by, out my car window, while waiting for a traffic light, somewhere Uptown, New Orleans.

555 IMG_5946

ModCloth’s Herbs to Taste Dress


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4 Responses to Photo Roundup :: 03.27.13

  1. Josie Dee

    Hey there. I have been receiving your writings of interest since the ms days and wanted to let you know that I enjoy your perspective…it’s like one of the only real emails I get! The thousands of other ones I receive are all geared to get something from me..which of course is a drag.
    Anyway, yours arnt like that at all. So thank you very much…jd

  2. Francine

    I think it’s cool that you got that far with the 365 series. I can’t stand taking photos of myself so I wouldn’t have gotten past day 2.

    One of my New Years resolutions was to eat less sugar, and I blew that pretty much immediately, haha.

  3. Victor

    “I am Over It”
    Know what you mean. Here on this island that I live settlers planted apple orchards. Years later they’re gone and for the most part so are their descendants but the orchards remain. Resting close to the shore or entwined in the forest. During the winter months their twisted branches hold such sadness. However this last week my heart lifts as I see pin pricks of colour seeping through the drab greys and forest greens.

  4. Samantha

    Josie :: Thank you!!
    Francine :: I need to get on the eat less sugar wagon! I was doing well for a while, and have completely fallen off, too.
    Victor :: We’ve gotten lucky & it’s suddenly in the 70’s! Hopefully your region will warm up soon, too.

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