Thread Bared 005

by Samantha ~ March 9th, 2013. Filed under: thread bared.

IMG_6173 copy


Have you ever bought a piece of clothing that once you put it on, you realize you don’t want to ever wear anything else ever again? That’s pretty much how I feel about this shirt that I found on Etsy. Not only is it soft and silky feeling, but it has giant bat-wing business going on under the sleeves, which instantly makes you feel like you are a superhero.



Oversized Raglan Top by lamixx
Two of Swords Earrings & Mini-Planchette Oracle Ring by BloodMilk
Haute Macabre Inverted Cross Lariat by RockLove
Erosion Armor Ring by Adelina Mictlan

555IMG_6164 copy IMG_6169


There were pants involved in this outfit, but they were just plain black jeans and there was nothing tremendously special about them. Also, I still feel incredibly silly taking photos like this, so they will probably forever be set in my living room, where the rest of the world cannot see me wiggling my arm out in front of me in an effort to focus the camera while it’s on self-timer.


IMG_6182 IMG_6184

Yes, I did take a number of photos for this with my arms extended in a Superman flying pose, which were too ridiculous, even for me.
Yes, I’ve already bought a second shirt in black.
Yes, I still think that I am missing some crucial element to make outfit posts not boring as they usual are.



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7 Responses to Thread Bared 005

  1. Erica Allison

    I have a cashmere sweater cut like this and it is THE best.

  2. Victor

    I haven’t a clue about fashion but it looks like you’re enjoying it and having fun. For me as a reader that’s enough.

  3. Ted Lemon

    I have an overcoat that I feel that way about. I love the way the split back swishes when I walk down the street in it.

  4. Lindsay

    If you figure out how to make outfit posts not humiliating, please, please let me know. You look smashing and without the text I’d never have known you were uncomfortable.


  5. Eboni

    ummm, you look absolutely great. i also love how your very elaborate bar looks in the background.

  6. Private _Grave

    You have the most amazing smile.

  7. Samantha

    Erika :: I feel like once you find the perfect item of clothing, it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to change out of it.

    Victor :: Fair enough!!

    Ted :: Right! Superhero garments FTW.

    Lindsay :: I appreciate that! I sort of wish I had saved the outtakes that I didn’t use, just so you could see how very uncomfortable I was, even alone in my own home!

    Eboni :: oh, you hush. You’ve seen me at 4AM drunk, so anything is better in comparison.

    Private Graves :: thank you!

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