The Magnificent Fatty

by Samantha ~ April 5th, 2013. Filed under: photo roundup.



Since I am well aware that everyone is really just here for the Chicken pics, here’s what the Princess Fatty Wonder has been up to the past few weeks!
555 Untitled-3






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4 Responses to The Magnificent Fatty

  1. Heather

    Would you do a New Orleans round up, by chance? I’m going to be traveling there in August with half a dozen of my lady-friends and we’re looking for quite the adventure.

  2. Ricop

    As strange looking as a hairless cat is, she is a cutie. She’s definitely eating well, and then some. I’m trying to figure out if she is a hellion or a super laid back cat, she looks like she could be either. Thanks for the cute pictures, they made me laugh.

  3. Victor

    seems like the aliens left a little something behind….

  4. Samantha

    Heather, I’ve been receiving loads of requests for one of those! I started drafting one up, hopefully have it finished soon!

    Ricop – she’s super, duper, uber laid back. She’ll be eight this fall, and never was a crazy cat, always more mellow and looking for pets.

    Victor, SERIOUSLY!!

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