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by Samantha ~ April 8th, 2013. Filed under: thread bared.



A few weeks back, I posted something to Haute Macabre explaining that we were evolving style-wise, and were more interested in vintage inspired looks over the layered and draped fashion that HM had always subscribed to. Our readers responded to this with about a 50/50 split. Half of them were all for new content with a different approach, and the other half felt that we were going to become some sort of boho-thrift store-high waisted mess.

First off, my bottom half is way too big for any sort of high waisted anything. My hips lay around where most people have their knees, and for a relatively small lady, my backside leaves the room long after my front does. Second, I’d like to know exactly what trip all of the naysayers think we’re on if they expect us to suddenly have the worst of the worst taste just because we’re changing our look a wee bit.

I’ll never use Haute Macabre to post outfit shots. It’s not any sort of personal / personality blog, and to insert that at this point in its’ lifetime would feel cheap and forced. However, I am totally comfortable with the occasional cross promotion, just to show our friends out there that we’ve still got some style, even in Etsy Vintage.

At least, I think I do.

555 Untitled-3


The Components ::
Dress :: vintage, via Etsy
Planchette Jewels :: BloodMilk, as always
Rings :: Erosion Armor by Adelina Mictlan, Joy Division ring was a gift from my loving man
Shoes :: Jeffrey Campbell Dulles Oxford




I would absolutely love to see how everyone else’s styles have evolved over the years. Nixon and I haven’t actually see one another in person since 2009, but we simultaneously started changing to a similar style, unbeknownst to one another. Ever since, I’ve wondered if the rest of our readers have done the same. I’ve wondered if it’s because we’ve gotten older and have cared less, or if we’ve just gotten tired of the same old uniforms.




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7 Responses to Thread Bared :: 006

  1. mlle ghoul

    I think those shoes are darling and that dress is to die for! And as someone who, even at her smallest had a bum which required its own zip code…I feel your pain, mama.

    My style has evolved quite a bit, I think. I’ve always been a secret, closeted goth, but I’ve never really dressed the part. I am too lazy, to be quite honest. I’ll admit, in 2007 or so I went through a bit of a twee Anthropologie phase and in 2010 it was all vintage polyester secretary dresses all the time, but now it’s pretty much as if I reached into my dresser drawers in the dark of night and wore whatever I fished out. Hobo-chic, I suppose. I work from home, so it doesn’t really matter anyhow.

  2. Jessica

    I love the color of your hair! Did you go to a salon or is it box dye?

  3. Samantha

    Jessica, it’s a salon job!

  4. Minakitty

    For myself I would say it was both aging and boredom. My 40 year old self cannot reasonably pull off the same looks I did at 25, nor would I want to anymore. I now prefer a minimalist aesthetic (imitation Yamamoto/CdG), whereas for years it was “wear ALL the jewelry” and so forth.

    The changes I’ve seen in people I knew from my gawth clubbing days that actually disturb me are those who have eschewed everything from their past selves in favor of LL Bean and similar garb. I find that a bit frightening, wondering if they’ve changed all their tastes (Bauhaus for, um, Nickelback?).

  5. alli

    You crack me up. I too am short with a waist to hip ratio that makes shopping for pants and jeans an absolute nightmare. If I want them to fit in the waist then I can’t squeeze them over my ass and if they fit over my ass then they’re huge in the waist…so, like you, dresses are my friend. (although I still try to kid myself into thinking I’m a waif and will try my damnedest to wear things that I wish I could wear instead of things that actually flatter my body type…I’m a stubborn dumbass like that.)

    I, for one, am excited about the changes at HM. Stagnation = death at worst and a giant yawnfest at best. Kudos to you for having the ovaries (I’m so over the bias of male genitals being equated with power…Yoni Power!) to follow your adorably twisted bliss.

    My tastes have changed drastically since my early punk/goth/oddball days in junior high and high school (thank god!). I would look ridiculous if i tried to rock my junior year go-to of men’s over-sized vintage lime green plaid golf pants with a tank top, combat boots and ball chains wrapped around my wrists for miles. I’m no longer 16 nor do I desire to look like I am.

    I’ve traded in my combat boots for Jeffrey Campbell (love my lita and zoe boots) and my style is much more eclectic…from vintage with a Wednesday Addams flair to flowing, draped layers to skinny jeans (when I can get them over my aforementioned ass) and tops. I no longer feel the need to pigeonhole myself. I wear what makes me feel good…and yes, that still involves a more than healthy dose of black. *wink*

  6. Eboni

    Sam, I love this. I feel less alone in the world after reading about your bottom half adventures. My thighs and butt are the size of Arkansas.

  7. Kristina

    ‘my bottom half is way too big for any sort of high waisted anything. My hips lay around where most people have their knees, and for a relatively small lady, my backside leaves the room long after my front does.’

    Similar to what others have said, I absolutely love that you wrote this- I experience exactly the same thing and you have made me feel just that little bit better about my bottom half… thank you!

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