Here’s a New Post, Mostly Because I Am Sick of the Sight of the Last One

by Samantha ~ May 22nd, 2013. Filed under: adventures.


Hello!! It’s been awhile, eh? Just wanted to drop in and say howdy, and let you know I haven’t fallen off the planet.

What have I been up to?

  • Haute Macabre-ing it up! Between moving the site to its new home (thank you, Nixon, for never making pants, and hence learning how the internet works), and fulfilling the seemingly endless orders for our BPAL / HM perfume collab, it has taken up almost every second of my free time. I’ve been very quickly coming to realize that managing two blogs is a ton of work, so I may be combining or cross-posting some categories and columns soon. 
  • Work Work Work – it’s Season with a capitol S for New Orleans service industry, which is exactly what I do as my “day job that I work at night doing”. It’s hectic, but it’s what pays all the bills, and I never have to take any of it home with me!
  • Listening to The National’s new album, Trouble Will Find Me, non-stop. It’s brilliant.
  • Yoga! I started taking a beginner’s yoga workshop every Tuesday night, and I am absolutely adoring it. Last night, during our Ohm chanting, I had a very strange feeling that I was in a Tom Robbins novel all of a sudden. Yum.
  • Caring for my little Chicken friend. She had to have four teeth pulled a few weeks ago, and she’s been a little unhappy every since. Now that she doesn’t have any top canines, her bottom teeth are biting her lips a bit, so we have been giving her lots of extra love.
  • Juicing like a fiend! We bought a new juicer, and it’s amazing. I’ve found that when I have a giant juice to start my day, I eat so much cleaner during my other meals, and feel so much better. I’ve amped up my Green Monster recipe a bit, so I’ll have to post that soon.
  • Did I mention I got a giant new tattoo? That’s it up top. Arcana XII :: The Hanged Man, from the Hermetic Tarot, courtesy of Jordan of Hell or High Water Tattoo, right here in New Orleans.

And now I’m going to go finish up my book on my porch!

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4 Responses to Here’s a New Post, Mostly Because I Am Sick of the Sight of the Last One

  1. Shaun

    The Nationals new album is something of a masterpiece. Certainly the best album if the year. From anyone.

  2. Kristina

    Love your new tattoo, that tarot picture reminds me of The Ninth Gate.

    Also adoring the new National album, you just reminded me that I need to buy it today, thank you!

  3. Alicia

    Years and years ago I had tried yoga and just couldn’t get into it. I recently tried it again and have become OBSESSED! I actually look forward to it. I have a really bad back and find it helps with that as well as calms down my brain too. I am definitely going to stick with it.

    Hope Chicken feels better ASAP! :)

  4. Samantha

    Alicia, I’m sooo obsessed. I just finished a six week introductory workshop, and can’t wait to get into regular classes! I might actually start setting an alarm to get up early to go to the studio on days that I work.

    Kristina & Shaun :: IT’S AMAZING. I’ve had Don’t Swallow the Cap on repeat for weeks now.

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