Finding Vivian Maier

by Samantha ~ June 17th, 2013. Filed under: not my art.

I’m very excited about this upcoming documentary on the amazing – and secret – photographer, Vivian Maier. Never in life did she show her thousands of photos to anyone, but worked as a nanny, and packed away all of her slides and negatives. Only after those negatives were purchased at auction after her death was her incredible talent discovered. Ryan first read about her a few months back and introduced me to her work, and each page of the coffee table book I bought is more outstanding than the last.

Everything that I have learned about her so far says that she was an intensely private person, and yet all of her portraits are so stark and personal that it almost seems as if there was no one there with a camera at all.

vivian-maier-photography-26 vivian-maier New-Vivian-Maier7 viv_maier001 Vivian1-full

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4 Responses to Finding Vivian Maier

  1. Francine

    I had no idea she even existed. Thanks for this post. I’d like to check out that documentary!

  2. Ricop

    That is so cool, she had a great eye. Every picture just makes me want to know the whole story about the people and the surroundings. The third picture of the tattered old guy (I’d be willing to bet he wasn’t as old as he looked) , Sept. 24, 1959, New York, wow, what a hard, crappy life that poor guy probably lived. Then to read that she became impoverished herself in her later years. It was extremely cool of the three kids she had nannied to take care of her when she needed help in her later years. She was a truly interesting person who it seems lived life the way she wanted, and from the little bit I’ve read, regardless of her non-interest in money and material wealth, she lived a pretty full, world traveling life. Thanks for the introduction to her. I’ll look forward to seeing the documentary on her as well.

  3. Mike

    This is the first I’ve heard of her, but now I’m definitely going to watch the movie. The first picture you posted is amazing in so many ways. A perfect example of how much you can say with a single picture that comes with no description . Truly amazing.

  4. hussein


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