Cat Collecting, Because Hoarding is Such a Harsh Word

by Samantha ~ October 22nd, 2013. Filed under: the homefront.



I’ve got a new fella in my life, and he is the happiest little rabbit you’ll ever meet. George Orwell came to live with us just about two months ago, and he’s become the center of attention of our little home. It’s actually completely impossible to ignore him!




This new friend is endless bounds of energy and chatter and hugs. He steals my hair ties and plays fetch with them, climbs to the very highest highs he can find, hops two feet in the air to catch his toy mice, and is having a love affair with Ryan’s beard.

Little Rabbit Bunny Bunny (which I call him more often than I call him George, and it’s embarrassing for us all) wants your hugs. And he wants them right this second.




We had a little bit of an adjustment period when he first arrived. Chicken was unhappy, as she has been an only child for quite awhile now, and has lots of hisses and cries of “Hey Kid! Get off my lawn!!”. They are slowly working through their differences, and Chicken seems to have reached a resentful tolerance of her new little buddy. He just wants all of her hugs, and she just wants to hit him upside the head.

The little guy was having some trouble sleeping through the night for the first few weeks he was with us, and therefore, we were all having trouble sleeping through the night. He had a bit of expected anxiety, and is also quite fond of knocking things off of shelves and scaring the shit out of everyone.┬áHe’s gotten much better about it (the crazy pills the vet gave us has helped quite a bit), but I still made it to a 7AM yoga class this morning, thanks to a pre-dawn MOM MOM MOM WHAT’S THIS CAN I EAT IT wake up. But, hey, sunrise yoga!

There are also middle of the night explosive poops, as he has some sort of food sensitivity that we’re still trying to nail down, but we forgive him for those since he’s just so damn cute. And I may one day get back at him by dressing him as a dinosaur, because that seems to be the obvious thing to do.

Poops and crazy pills and sleeplessness aside, my new little cat friend fits right in.




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5 Responses to Cat Collecting, Because Hoarding is Such a Harsh Word

  1. Francine

    awww cute little guy! Hell hath no fury like an explosive poop.

  2. laura

    Oh my gosh…I am in love! He is awesome, and the fact he is named George Orwell is even better! As for fighting with his roomie Chicken, my cats hated each other at first, I found giving the eldest a place to go where newbiw wasnt allowed helped some. As for up all night and explosive poo…well..I have kids currently doing that so I can sympathise there…incidentally, kids hate each other more than cats do…sigh. Enjoy your new gorgeous addition

  3. jonny trrrash

    George Orwell is a great name, but i kinda like Little Rabbit Bunny Bunny better

  4. ricop

    He is a cutie, his expressions are hilarious. Take me to your leader. What are you looking at?

    I was wondering how the alien chicken cat was doing. That’s a cute shot of them snuggled up together.

  5. alli

    This post makes me all happy inside.

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