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by Samantha ~ October 27th, 2013. Filed under: adventures, photo roundup.

Last week, I posted a photo an hour to my Instagram. I hadn’t planned on doing it, but after the first two posts, I was having so much fun I kept going all day.


9AM – 10AM :: Planning and packing for a day trip!

Leaving the house on any sort of adventure with me usually means that I have at least two different types of cameras and extra film in my bag.


10AM – 11AM :: Coffee at my new favorite cafe, High Volt

If you’re ever in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans, definitely stop by here for some amazing coffee and lunch! I’ve been slowly putting together a Sam’s Guide to New Orleans, and this spot will for sure be in there.


11AM – Noon :: Louisiana is such a beautiful state

We told the GPS to avoid the main highways, and I’m so glad we did! There were miles of stretches that looked just like this, with gorgeous woods and swamps just alongside the road. Spanish moss might be one of my favorite things.


Noon – 1PM ::  A two hundred year old live oak in the front yard of the Laura Plantation

Since we moved to Louisiana, we’ve been saying that we were going to do all the fun touristy trips, and we finally made it to one! The tour was fascinating, and the house and lands were gorgeous.


1PM – 2PM :: One of the slave quarters, still mostly in tact, at the Laura Plantation

One of the more interesting parts of the plantation tour was learning about the Code Noir of the French colonies, and also learning that workers resided in some of the slave quarters on the property as late as the 1970s without plumbing or electricity, until the health department evicted them.


2PM – 3PM :: Lunch at a roadside restaurant, decorated with tons of antiques and stuffed alligators

After touring the plantation, we were starving! Just down the road, we found a little restaurant and stuffed ourselves with friend green tomatoes, fried frog legs, fried alligator (the South is big on fried), and, well, fries. I didn’t actually have any frog legs, and that’s probably because I’ve seen The Muppet Movie way too many times.


3PM – 4PM :: Quiet rain on the drive back to New Orleans



4PM – 5PM :: A drive down St. Charles Avenue, where the mansions all try to out dectorate one another!

This house really takes the cake. If you’re in town this week, drive past St. Charles & Valence, it’s absolutely incredible! Aside from the giant gargoyle monsters, there’s a huge installment in the yard. I’m going to do my best to get back over there before it all comes down & take more photos!


5PM – 6PM :: Drinks at my favorite wine bar, Delachaise

Few things are as satisfying as a nice glass of crisp wine and a good book. I had a few folks ask me on Instagram what kind of journal I was using :: It’s a Moleskin Pocket Daily Planner. I love it, but I think for 2014 I’m going to get the larger size.


6PM – 7PM The stunning Hecate ring from BloodMilk.

We were still at Delachaise, and I couldn’t stop staring at my new BloodMilk ring. The moonstone set in it is incredible, she really does work magic.


7PM – 9PM Scary movies by candlelight

When we got home, we decided to light some candles and watch The Conjuring. I want to visit the Warrens Occult Museum in the worst way now!


9PM – 10PM Sank into a hot bath with a Lush bath bomb to end the day, which was incredibly relaxing until little George fell in with me!


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  1. Brittanny

    That’s such a great idea! Nice way of chronicling your day.

  2. Svarta Läder

    I really love the pictures…so sensitives

  3. jonny trrrash

    great tour, thanks!

  4. Victor

    Glad to see you posting again….thanks for the tour

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