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by Samantha ~ November 10th, 2013. Filed under: miscellaneous magic.



This past year, I’ve been making a diligent effort to learn the Tarot. It’s a huge task, as each of the 78 cards is complex and intricate, and together, they cover the gauntlet of human emotion. I feel that it will take years before I am even slightly fluent in their language, but every reading I do, I feel that I learn a tiny bit more.

One exercise that has always helped me to commit something to memory and become comfortable is to write about it, whether it be taking notes in a Moleskin or simply jotting down impressions. My daily planner is filled with little notes about the cards I pull daily, but I think that I would like to start recording a more in depth account of them on this platform.

This was a simple three card reading, with the cards representing The Past, Present, and Future, using the Thoth deck.



The Past :: Ace of Cups

Aces all represent new beginnings, seeds that have been planted and are about to grow. The Cups suit represents emotions, and this can be the new swelling of emotions, in love or relationships. In its position here, representing the Past, it can mean that the querent has a mastery of their emotions, keeping them in check, and not allowing them to get the best of them.



The Present :: Prince of Swords (The Knight)

The Prince, or Knight, of Swords is a card of swift action. Something is developing suddenly and quickly, and confrontation, good or bad, is inevitable.



The Future :: Two of Swords

Twos all represent a decision to be made, options to choose from. The Two of Swords, in the well known Rider-Waite deck, is illustrated with a blindfolded woman holding two swords in her crossed hands. Her blindfold tells us that she is unable to see the options ahead of her, but it is her own denial of the truth ahead of her, or refusal to make her decision. It’s impassive and stubborn. However, in the position of the Future, the Two of Swords indicates that that choices I have are in my hands, and that I will have the power to rise above any manipulation.




Together, these cards are painting a pretty honest, maybe brutally so, reading! They’re telling me that something has reached a crux and that it’s time to face the facts. Thankfully, I have the tools and strength of will to handle the situation, even if that Knight of Swords is about to throw some unwanted news in my face!

Using this as a meditation, this reading is teaching me to approach a possibly tense situation rationally and without getting over-emotional about it. If some unexpected and unwanted news is thrown in my face, these cards are telling me to just deal with it, and not lose my shit or get upset. The Two of Swords in the Future position is a peace maker, a sign of calm and cool, even in the face of negativity.

Let’s all repeat together ::  I am a hollow reed, Trouble blows through me like the wind*

Overall, I am fairly sure I know what this reading is referring to. It’s a confrontation that’s been on the horizon, impassive and stubborn, but is finally about to come to a head. There’s always that one thing in your life that just gets under your skin, for whatever reason, that you just can’t shake. It could be an amalgam of them, whether it’s a group of people or just one in particular, or the neighbor’s constantly barking dog, or some big drama at work. If I listen to this reading, and my own advice about dealing with the Retrograde (and we’re almost there! Just a few more days!), it’ll all be a-ok, and I’ll rise up on top.

*bonus points if anyone else remembers the terrible early 90s sitcom that’s from.


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2 Responses to In the Cards

  1. Brittanny

    Thanks for this post. I just gave myself a three card reading and it was surprisingly accurate. I think I will take a notebook and write down the meanings and results I get.

    Also, it was a great sitcom! Don’t think it’s not!

  2. Brittanny

    Also, what book do you use for your meanings?

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