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by Samantha ~ November 13th, 2013. Filed under: photo roundup.



┬áThe past few weeks feel like they simultaneously were slowed to a crawl and also flew by. Somehow, it’s already November, and sadly, Halloween was, once again, none too interesting. Although I love the ambiance and the costumes, and the almost overwhelming amount of spook that reigns throughout the month, the night itself is always a let down. Too many drunk dummies, out only to cause a ruckus.

I celebrate in my own way, every day! My brand new knuckle tattoos remind me daily to keep with my studies, and to continue following not the Right Handed or the Left Handed Paths, but my very own.

555 Plantation


Ryan snuck this shot of me while we were visiting the Laura Plantation a few weeks ago. That hat is my new favorite item in my wardrobe (although the Ovate cardigan I just got is currently a close runner-up). It’s the Free People Matador hat, and it makes me feel like a witchy woman whenever I wear it.

555 fernbeds



(top to bottom, left to right)

I won an Instagram contest! Sponsored by artist Nicomi Nix Turner, I won this totebag & notecards! I was so excited, I think it’s the first contest I’ve ever won in my entire life. Rabbit was very excited about it, too!
Zoetica surprised me with this gorgeous print of the Russian folklore creature, Alkonost! I believe she still has it available in her shop, along with her porn-tastic Alien Botany series.
All Haute Macabre, all the time. It’s been really wonderful being actively invested and involved in it again.
One afternoon, the doors to Saint Alphonsus Church were wide open, and I wandered inside. In a dark corner, right by ancient looking confessionals, I found life-sized mannequins dressed as nuns and priests. Super. Fucking. Creepy.
New Orleans sunsets are so beautiful and ghostly.
More from inside the decaying Saint Alphonsus – yes, that’s the same church in loads of Anne Rice novels.
Quiet rocking chairs on the porch of the Laura Plantation.
Ryan was in a recent episode of American Horror Story! He was the bartender at the far end of the shot in the last two episodes, filmed in his bar, Cure. Between takes, he drank bourbon with Jessica Lange!
We’re just about to close the pre-orders for the December shipment of our Haute Macabre scents by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab! Have you ordered yours yet?!



We made it through a pretty brutal Mercury Retrograde! Did anyone feel a change in the air? Are you approaching things differently now?

555 library


In January, Ryan & I are moving into a new house! It’s much bigger than the one we’re in now, and that means we’ll have room for all of our books again. Right now, most of them are in a storage unit, but we can move them into the new place in just a few weeks. I’m hoping to have custom shelving built for us to house them all, but there’s a very good chance we’ll be donating plenty to the local library. No one really needs five different copies of Fight Club.

555 new orleans


New Orleans, you are so beautifully decayed.

555 cemetery

555 footrest


My little Chicken and Rabbit friends are still not best buddies, but I’ll happily take the little moments of quiet I can get when Chicken isn’t yelling at him and he’s not bouncing off the walls.

One thing I’d like to add is that I get a lot of messages, especially from younger girls, about how badly they want a Sphynx cat of their very own. Yes, they are awesome. Yes, they are adorable. Yes, they are loving and loyal little cat friends.

Yes, they are High Fucking Maintenance. They sweat and get greasy and they goop our of their eyes and they get poop all over themselves when they go to the bathroom. So, when you’re thinking they are the perfect novelty pet, please keep in mind that the novelty of chasing after them with a baby wipe to clean their butt wears off quickly.

But they’re my little poop monsters, and I adore them.

555 cats



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7 Responses to Photo Roundup :: 11.13.13

  1. Zoetica

    Amusingly enough, our internet (and the internet of the entire Dublin 8 district) went down for 48 hours the second MR ended. Is that… normal?

  2. Samantha

    Totally not surprised. There’s a weird residual energy that sticks around for a bit after while everything finds its right place again. Some say that the last few days of a Retrograde are the very worst, and that there’s a period before and after that is wonktastic. Personally, I felt like everything leading to the eclipse was a fucking trainwreck, and afterwards, things started mellowing out.

  3. Alicia

    UGH, first day of the Retrograde my tire blew out on the way to work! Pretty rough few days there for a bit after that too.

    Your man on AHS is the coolest thing ever. SO ADDICTED to that show, especially this season!

  4. Francine

    Congrats on the new place! I feel like my gemini man is directly impacted by retrograde. Every time it comes around he slips into “a mood” (the sullen, quiet version of his normally fun and goofy personality), and then it’s gone as soon as retrograde is over. He doesn’t even know what retrograde is, I’ve just noticed that whenever he gets in a mood I see online everyone blogging/tweeting about mercury in retrograde and think “well, there ya go!”

  5. Samantha

    Alicia, work was a shit show for me for the first two weeks! Seriously… People up and quit with no notice, coworkers were fighting, and the customers were horrendous. It was like we hung up a “Welcome White Trash” sign at the door and they came in hordes.

    Francine, yup … Retrogrades are like an extended PMS for Geminis. My deepest sympathies to you, and my apologies to everyone that has been around me the last few weeks.

  6. A. DeGregorio

    I think it’s photographic talent like yours that accounts for at least 90% of those who truly believe in ghosts.

    Excellent Stuff, Madame!
    ~A. DeGregorio
    Boston, MA

  7. Lolo

    In the first photograph of you (the one with the amazing hat!) You look like you’ve walked straight out of the set of American Horror story – Coven!

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