External Influences v.8

by Samantha ~ December 4th, 2013. Filed under: Uncategorized.


Let’s start this edition of External Influences off with this video of Amanda Palmer being exceptionally badass. I really wish that names like hers and Tavi Gevinson could replace things like Miley Cyrus and those awful reality tv women in the lives of young girls, and that twerking could be replaced with standing up for yourself and appreciating your body and your mind.

A girl can dream.




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2 Responses to External Influences v.8

  1. ricop


    Since you lived in L.A. for a while are you familiar with the band 8mm?
    I came across a song called “Give it up” that they did a few years back and loved it.


    I was cleaning up my hard drive today and came across a copy of it that I had. Since they unfortunately haven’t received much exposure I had forgotten all about them, so off to Youtube I went. I was very pleased to find a good number of their songs there. So far I really like everything that I’ve heard from them. Another good (at least in my opinion), more recent song, “The weight of you”.

  2. cultusillusionanima

    being a longtime lurker i finally come to comment. ;)

    not a long time ago i only discovered amanda palmer and she really seems to become more and more popular, especially because she’s very active in social media.

    so..perhaps one day, soon!

    oh, and please don’t stop blogging. your posts are always very inspirational.

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