Return to the Senses

by Samantha ~ May 12th, 2014. Filed under: vision.


hello, friends! It has been more than just a brief hiatus, life this year has had a way of interfering with itself. Things are well and good, overall, although my husband tells me that I dwell in a melancholy I thought I had abandoned. Old habits, eh?


There are times I feel like these statues, I drove past them on St. Claude a few weeks ago and saw them out my window, I had to go back to photograph them. The larger of the two was upright the first I saw him, already missing his head, but by the time I had returned he was on his side with some crude graffiti across his collar. I spent most of today feeling like this, a migraine had me hiding in a dark room while a white hot light strobed inside my temples. These headaches have become more frequent over the past year, and I kept thinking of this statue, wondering if it would be a relief to be made of stone, resting in the overgrowth.

I suppose there’s that melancholy he was talking about.


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4 Responses to Return to the Senses

  1. James

    Such sad news… I know you’ve been working a lot on Haute Macabre lately, plus your main job, and you read so much… So your head is always busy. And I think, maybe you are just having a permanent overwork? I wonder how you keep all that information in the memory, all the books you read…
    No doubt you are a super-woman, but take it easy on yourself, try to give your eyes some rest, and maybe these damn migraines will become not so frequent. Also, they say a good sleep, classical music and exercises are the natural sedatives…

    Please take care, and don’t let that melancholy spoil your mood. Internet is so boring, without 523!

  2. bairdduvessa

    welcome back!

  3. sajb

    Welcome back. I missed. I thought something happened.

  4. Mike

    Glad to see you posting on here again, too bad it’s not about happier thoughts. You should grab the cats and curl up with a favorite book. One of those old friends that bring comfort as soon as you’re a few pages in and soon finds you drifting into another world, leaving your melancholy moods behind you.

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