Ongoing Retail Therapy :: 523 Vintage

by Samantha ~ June 10th, 2014. Filed under: retail therapy, thread bared, vanity.

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I’m very grateful for the kind words, advice, and encouragement I’ve received from everyone so far regarding my new Vintage Ventures. I’ve listed a new round of items to my page, most of which are still available (some have already sold in just a few short hours!!), and have many more still to photograph and upload.

Thank you again, I’m so excited about all of this!

Click here to view my current sales!!




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12 Responses to Ongoing Retail Therapy :: 523 Vintage

  1. Mike

    The purple dress in the third picture looks great on you. It goes perfectly with the shade of red you’re sporting up top. The Vampira shirt is mighty cool as well.

  2. Ronnie

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