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This past weekend was my thirty-third birthday, and I did a quick Tarot reading in the morning to see what the tone of my year would be. As expected, the cards illustrated not only the (slightly bittersweet) truth, but gave me the reassurance that things are very definitely moving right along in the direction that I want to be going. To me, the Tarot is a tool for guidance and meditation, something that can point out what you might already know, but may not want to fully accept. Nothing can tell the future, no portent or crystal ball has a map of what’s to come. What they can help you with is a nudge onto the right path, whether or not it’s something that you want to hear.




The individual breakdown of this reading is slightly unnerving, but together, the relationship between the cards is extremely uplifting and hopeful. This is a three card spread, with the cards representing The Past, The Present, and The Future.

The Past is represented by Temperance. Like her name says, she is the well balanced, peaceful, and calm. In her position in the past, she indicates that the foundation of this reading is that of once of equality and even dignity. It’s a positive card, and also one that says that I’ve kept a level head about things. Temperance also indicates a balance of two things that may not have wanted to play very nicely before, and that easing the two together over time will be beneficial and successful.

The Seven of Swords fell into the Present position. The seven is a tricky one :: it represents deception and a cunning thief, but simultaneously it can also indicate that crafty moves on your part are paying off. Either way, it’s an indication that there might be a bit of a disconnect with my perception of things and reality.

The Future is The Fool, the start and the end of the Tarot. He has his eyes closed at the edge of a cliff, and is the epitome of infinite possibilities. He is the Zero Card, an absolute of nothing and everything all at once. In this position, He can indicate the start of a new journey, a new life, with endless possibilities, but one must still be cautious not to fall off the cliff.

Combined, this reading absolutely elated me, and filled me with such a strong hope for my coming year. As I’ve mentioned in past posts, I’ve felt a bit stagnant over the past few months, and have been doing my damndest to pull myself up and out of it. The relationship between the cards all says  that my evolution must be taken with caution, and with moderation, and not allow my daydreams to get the best of me, especially when awakened into a reality that doesn’t match up. However, The Zero in my Future tells me that my work will pay off, and that I’ll be establishing, and walking, the path away from the traditional monotony that is driving me mad.

This year, my birthday coincided with the start of a Mercury Retrograde, and it’s such a loud scream in my face not to do anything drastic, but DO SOMETHING. Make the changes that I need for myself and for my own fulfillment, and take an active part in my own life, rather than just letting in slide by.

Happy Birthday, to me.





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6 Responses to Year XXXIII

  1. sajb

    Happy Birthday

  2. Jorge

    33 im almost 33 its a sign dont u think HB2U

  3. Eric

    Happy birthday, Sam. :)

  4. bairdduvessa

    happy belated birthday

  5. Jill

    Joyeux anniversaire from France!
    Do you still use your Wild Unknown Tarot deck? Can you tell us about this new one that you use?

  6. Samantha

    Jill :: I do still use the Wild Unknown deck, but I alternate between various decks that I have at home. This one is The Hermetic Tarot, one of favorites. I love the design of the cards, and I feel that I always get a really strong reading from them.

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