The Art of Abstinence

by Samantha ~ August 20th, 2014. Filed under: stacked, the homefront.


I’ve got some reading to do.

Last night, I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy anymore books this year. I’ve amassed an incredible reading stack this summer,with barely enough time to get through a page. I’ve made a small dent in these piles, but it’s enough to keep me busy through the remainder of 2014. My one exception will be Amanda Palmer’s upcoming release.

Maybe I should start enforcing this on the first of the month…







Disco Witch Vintage

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5 Responses to The Art of Abstinence

  1. Eric

    You’re really catching up on your witchy and pagan reading, I see. What’s the Murakami book in the first picture? Is it new?

  2. Mike

    I had to go digital with my book obsession. Too many shelves, boxes, etc, overflowing everywhere. Took a bit of time to adjust to the difference, but I’m glad I did it. I had no more room.

  3. bairdduvessa

    i actually have/had “in search of dracula” and haven’t even opened in at least a decade.

  4. jonnytrrrash

    my favorite witch

  5. Eric

    Found the answer to the question I asked yesterday: “Colorless Tsukuru Takazi and His Years of Pilgrimage” – what a title! I stopped at the public library on the way home from renewing my driver’s license and saw it under “new fiction”, so it was one of the 5 books I checked out. Are you watching the TV version of “the Strain”? I keep forgetting.

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